Jungle-themed large-print wallpaper

Wall finishes are one of the most important design elements in both commercial and residential interiors. Gone are the days when a commercial interior designer would put together a color palette based simply on looks and preferred style. Today, the design process is concerned with psychological, social, environmental and sustainable aspects. Often we ask ourselves: How will this color or the texture of this material make us feel? Whether in a restaurant, store, hotel lobby or hotel room, there are certain positive psychological reactions we want to bring out in our customers. These new wall finish trends exemplify just that.

Large-print wallpaper or custom graphics

Applying large-size prints on walls creates an instant landscape of color and shapes whose effect is a strong emotional response. For examples these “jungle” patterns bring about a sense of calm, and a feeling of safety and wonder at the same time. Who wouldn’t want to relax for a few minutes in a “jungle room?”

Nature-inspired large-print wallpaper

Jungla Blu from Botanika wallpaper collection, via archiproducts.com 

Another great advantage that custom wallpaper comes with is the ability to update a space with little effort. If the old print becomes too old for your taste or brand, it may take as little as a couple of hours to replace it.

DRamatic large-print floral wallpaper

Roses from Botanika wallpaper collection, via archiproducts.com 

Large-size flower prints can give a cozy feeling to a restaurant or café interior.  It makes the wall look larger, richer and more festive.

New large-print-wallpaper wall finish trends

Large-print wallpaper in a cafe in Hamburg, Germany

Bamboo wall finishes

Bamboo is the number one choice for many commercial interior designers who appreciate its environmental qualities. It is remarkably strong, lasts forever, and has a beautiful natural look suitable for offices to restaurant to stores. Because of its strength and excellent surface texture, you don’t have to worry about hitting bamboo walls with furniture or spilling liquids on walls. 

New wall finish trends: bamboo cladding in restaurant design

Photo via Bamboo Imports 

Bamboo wall in a commercial setting

Photo via Bamboo Imports 

Slab-size concrete tile

Concrete surfaces have a sleek look that makes them a favorite material for a lot of designers interested in atypical contemporary solutions. Concrete finishes have a cool feel and are undeniably ideal for modern, edgy-style stores or restaurants. 

Interior designers have always faced a serious challenge when trying to use expensive poured concrete on site. Today, making concrete is becoming even more expensive and the sand used in its production is in short supply. These beautiful large-size tiles can be used in the place of poured concrete without the mess and the high price.

Slab-size concrete tiles come in various colors and sizes and contrast beautifully with wood, natural stone and even metal. Large concrete or concrete-looking tiles seem to be on the short list of new wall finish trends that are appreciated by designers with a penchant for out-of-the-box solutions.

Large size concrete-looking slab tiles in cool modern interior

Photo via archiproducts.com

Large size concrete slab tiles for walls and floors

Photos via archiproducts.com

3D wall tiles

3D wall tiles are not necessarily a new material, but are becoming increasingly popular in the design world. This is an ideal way to bring more texture and character to otherwise ordinary spaces. For instance, these concrete 3D tiles are an excellent choice in places where the sun or artificial lighting emphasize their pattern. A lot of hotels and restaurants started using three-dimensional tiles to bring more excitement and life to large empty walls.

New wall finish trends: textured 3D wall tiles

Photo via kaza.com  

Geometric 3D wall tiles in a commercial space

Photo via kaza.com  

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