When we go shopping and get emerged into stunning commercial interiors of famous designer stores, we never get to hear the names of architects or designers behind them. One of my goals with this blog is to uncover these names and to show you the incredible work they produce.

Retail Store Designer

One of such designers is Massimiliano Fuksas, who created Massimiliano Fuksas Architetto an architecture studio located in Rome and Paris.

Retail Store Designer

What you see here is the interior of his Armani Ginza Tower in Tokyo, Japan.  This design is all about branding the unbeatable Armani style. The interior itself is showing off the luxury with its golden tones and impeccable detailing.

Retail Store Designer

Light and translucent panels divide up the store spaces creating a dream-like flow.

Retail Store Cafe Designer

Even at the cafeteria of the store similar style partitions swoop the seating benches creating needed visual and acoustical privacy.

Here is what the designer tells himself: “We have sought to reveal the world of Armani through a range of screens, as light as gossamer and as precious as silk.  The sophisticated image of the Giorgio Armani brand rich in translucence and intimacy is juxtaposed with the immediacy and modernity of the spaces dedicated to Emporio, identified by more expansive areas in which shafts of white light cut through and are reflected within the setting.”  To learn more about this project look at the designer’s website HERE.

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