Healthy potted plants are not just a good decoration touch. Plants clean our air and connect us to nature, providing a nourishing feeling and thus relaxing us.

Here are some psychological benefits of having plants in your house or office noted by professionals:
• Instill a feeling of well being
• Help to reduce stress
• Help people recover from mental fatigue
• Improve productivity

If you can’t afford fresh cut flowers every week in a lobby of your salon or your office, make it a potted plant. Here are the plants that are highly recommend by landscape specialists for enclosed spaces: areca palm, mother-in-law’s tongue, money plant. These three plants are known to help with respiratory health problems, headaches, eye irritations, asthma and allergies. They remove CO2 and convert it to oxygen. The money plant is also known to removing VOC’s and harmful chemicals from a space. So if you skip everything on our office improvement list, think about this one suggestion. Good luck on your business space improvement journey!

Green Wall