Contemporary cafe design inspired by the Greek culture

Combining contemporary and tradition-inspired elements, Café Mirabilis in Heraklion Crete, Greece, tends to the young, active crowd while remaining true to local influences. The space was designed by Lefteris Tsikandilakis, with the declared purpose of creating a place inspired by the coffee culture in Greece and perfectly adapted to the needs of those who are part of it. The result was a contemporary cafe design that offers more than just delicious treats. 

Entrance to the cafe with olive trees and potted plantsSocializing and communicating in a cozy atmosphere is what Café Mirabilis makes possible with its well organized functional spaces. Behind the bar, a curved shelf structure hides the work area, keeping the public area unencumbered and easy to walk through. Above, a collection of pendants draws the eye up towards the wooden grid reminiscent of the “krevatina” of the Cretan rural houses, a structure traditionally built for growing grape vines.

The shelf structure is a multifunctional element of design. Besides dividing the space into functional areas, it holds different types of coffee for sale. It also displays books that invite customers to linger around, deeply absorbed in a story. The curved construction softens the angles of the room and offers an unmissable focal point around which gravitate the seating areas.

Rounded wooden shelves in contemporary cafe designAlong the walls, upholstered benches mix with simply cut tables in a design that does away with the superfluous and creates a clean, open space. Modern wooden chairs and barstools of industrial inspiration offer more seating options. The idea is to bring together areas that accommodate both large groups and intimate gatherings, and that look equally inviting to the customer who wants to socialize and the one looking for a relaxing, quiet break during a busy day.

Seating area with olive-green benches in Greek cafeThe choice of colors combines modern and local elements. The green upholstery reminiscent of the crowns of olive trees stands out against the white brick walls that evoke sandy beaches. Minimal splashes of playful, vibrant color in the bar area invigorates the place with a modern element without overwhelming it.

Three types of seating options in contemporary cafeThe seating area continues outside and includes wooden structures that pair well with the olive trees and give the space a warm, relaxing feel. A place perfectly designed for the coffee culture crowd, the Café Mirabilis contemporary cafe design proves that local venues can remain trendy while drawing inspiration from local tradition.

Storefront with contemporary design and wood accentsVia
Designer: Lefteris Tsikandilakis
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