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Contemporary features and elements of Eastern inspiration mix in the design of So 9, a Vietnamese street food restaurant in Waterloo, Sydney. Finding inspiration in the brand, whose concept gravitates around values such as light, refined and soul, the design achieves a calculated simplicity, very relaxing for those who choose to stop here.

The design makes heavy use of wood, but the construction remains airy and light. The warmth introduced by the presence of wood is balanced by the controlled geometry of the design. Lines are straight and angles are sharp, yet the wood elements soften the look.

Different seating styles offer different dining options. The booths dividers create the sensation of intimacy, yet they do not close the space, allowing the patrons to constantly remain connected to what happens around. Benches are aligned across from upholstered chairs of classic inspiration, and wooden stools are placed in front of round tables with pedestal legs that do not touch the ground.

Pillows placed against the gray concrete block wall create an attractive texture contrast and introduce an element of domestic comfort into the design.

Around the bar and the kitchen area, geometry takes an artistic form in the wood dividers and the light pattern of the counter base. The bar stools provide a beautiful balance with their traditional lines and familiar look.

The furniture design and the lighting options have a minimalist vibe, and colors are kept equally simple, moving around soft grays and the natural tones of wood. The art created by the Australian artist Beth-Emily graces the walls of the restaurant and lends the place a reflective, contemplative vibe.

With a name that translates to “Number 9” (the lucky number in Vietnamese culture), So 9 proves its fortunate premises with its refined design and subtle suggestions to a fascinating culture.

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