Magnetic letter board used as a dessert shop menu board

Your exterior signage is your first chance to convince your potential customers to patronize your business. Inside your restaurant or store, your interior signage solidifies your brand and tells your customers what you have to offer. Since you should leave none of these to chance, you should give serious thought to the way you capture your business concept into your signage. To help you start, here are a few signage ideas that are perfect for contemporary spaces.

Photo above: Baker menu from George and Willy

There is nothing more elegant and attractive than a backlit signage that puts your brand into the right light. The light gives it a layered look, more visibility, and a sophisticated vibe that customers associate with excellent services.  Luxurious illuminated cafe signage idea

Custom LED illuminated logo sign by Pupax from Etsy

A simple sign whose minimalist vibes are complemented by strong vibrant colors and elegant fonts can give a new face to an old building. This juxtaposition of old and contemporary elements is the perfect way to attract the attention of those nostalgic for the past, in search of a unique experience, yet demanding today’s level of services.

Minimalist exterior signage idea with monochrome design and round shape

Round sign by George & Willy

As far as signage ideas go, it doesn’t get much simpler than a decal doubled by and a touch of paint for a layered effect. Add a light fixture, and the whole composition becomes much greater than the sum of its parts. 

Riverside food court in Brisbane, by MMO Interiors. Photo via

While today’s customers may be attracted by simpler designs, making them dream is a sure way to bring them in. A dainty sign with an elaborate design, dreamy color tones and a few well-placed lights may just do the job. The intricate details suggest that you’re not leaving anything to chance and that there’s something worthy of their time waiting for them inside. 

Dainty, pastel-colored ice-cream signage idea

Photo: Pinterest

Inside your restaurant, dessert shop or cafe, you may choose to use digital signage or, if your menu is simple, opt for an elegant magnetic menu board. You can update the latter whenever necessary without the need for any type of technology. In addition, the menu can play double role as wall decor and fits seamlessly into your interior. 

Elegant contemporary menu board with magnetic letters

Atelier letter board from George & Willy 

If your menu doesn’t change, incorporating it into your interior design by printing it onto the wall creates a pleasant and comforting feeling of permanence and constancy. This is an ideal choice if your prefer a relaxing minimalist interior with less textural variety and more negative spaces. 

Wall-printed menu board in minimalist coffee shop

West Village cookie shop by The New Design Project. Photo by Will Ellis via

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