Cork flooring with green undertones

As issues of sustainability and environmental friendliness move to the forefront, any interior designer should consider cork flooring as both a responsible and stylish option to offer to clients. Cork is harvested from the bark of cork trees, a resource that can be tapped over and over again throughout the lifespan of the tree. It’s harvested on average every eight years or so, and the tree itself is not only protected but is actually benefiting from the harvesting process.

Bright dining room with cork flooring

For an interior designer who is conscious about health and safety of people, cork flooring scores major points. The manufacturing process excludes the use of such toxic chemicals as formaldehyde and phenol which would compromise air quality. Adding to its appeal, the natural composition of cork is hypoallergenic as well as fire- and insect-resistant.

Cork floors in kitchen with rustic vibes

There is no need to sacrifice functionality or style when considering using cork flooring. It feels very comfortable and soft under your feet, absorbing both sound and warmth much like carpet would. Like hard flooring, the finish provides durability and stain resistance which allows easy cleaning.

Cork planks in subtle color tones

There is a large variety of colors, shapes, patterns and shades available in cork flooring that will work in commercial or residential environment. Whether the desired look is trendy, classic or something in between, cork floors has the potential to enhance the aesthetic of the room.

Living room with sustainable floor treatment

Cork flooring has originally been used in residential interior design, but lately it started showing up in restaurants, salons and office interiors as well.  It adds the warms and softness to any commercial interior design.

Eco-friendly floor materials in cafeteria interior design

Here is some information on the US cork that you might be interested in:

Plank Dimensions: 11 5/8″ x 35 5/8″ x 13/32″
Construction: Engineered Floating
Finish: UV-cured acrylic finish
Core: Moisture resistant HDF (High Density Fiberboard)
Attached Underlayment: Cork
Installation Method: CorkLoc Floating Installation – No glues or nails required
Installation Level: Below, On, or Above Grade Level
Residential Warranty: 15 Year Limited
Structure Warranty: Limited Lifetime
Box size: Sq. Ft./Carton $11.65

Cork planks paired with brick walls

Photos via Duro Design and US Floors.

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