Product display shelves in kiosk design

With the CrepeTown kiosk in Sorocaba, Belgian waffles meet New York culture, and they coexist happily in a Brazilian location. This international blend may be the source of success for the kiosk’s owner, who is equally passionate about the Belgian signature treat and everything New York. With a cosmopolitan kiosk design, CrepeTown pays tribute to its sources of inspiration and leaves nothing to chance. 

Cosmopolitan kiosk design with decor elements borrowed from New York subway stations
Designed by Estúdio Jacarandá, the kiosk takes hints from one of the most iconic yet unpretentious sights in New York – the subway station. The neutral background, the lighted “service bullets”, even the lettering of the kiosk sign attempt to capture the vibe of a place that is an intrinsic part of the New York culture.

Elements of New York subway stations on the front side of the kiosk counter
A simple, multicolored version of the menu in large lettering borrows from the character of subway graffiti art.

Colorful menu display on the front side of the counter inspired by graffitti art
Other accent elements are suggestions of what makes up the charm and uniqueness of New York culture and identity: yellow cabs, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Statue of Liberty.

Cosmopolitan kiosk design in the middle of a mall in Brazil
Behind the counters, subway tiles line up the interior walls, in deference to the same New York subway idea.

Subway tile evoking New York subway station in cosmopolitan kiosk design
Even the sense of urgency that fills the New York subway stations has a counterpart in the ability to buy a quick treat while rushing by the kiosk. True to its element of inspiration down to the smallest detail, CrepeTown’s cosmopolitan kiosk design is an example of how consistency and a clear vision combine into a successful branding effort.

Signage above crepe kiosk evoking New York culture

Designer: Estúdio Jacarandá
All photos: Cezar Kirizawa via

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