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If you love the ocean or if you are into surfing you have to check out these incredibly artistic photos by Shayne Stadnick.  Shayne Stadnick is a surfer and fine art wave photographer based on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, Canada. Well he’s actually a surf addict that rarely let’s a day of waves pass without surfing them, or if the conditions allow photographing them. Creating these works is his passion, and he loves sharing some of the simple beauty the ocean has to offer. Now he prefers shooting empty waves, free of surfers, but that’s not so easy to find these days, it’s with these un-ridden gems he is able to capture some of the beauty he thrives on.
ocean modern art reeling

His work showcases waves shot in a unique style that excels when printed large. The mood some of his images can create can easily fill the room with a sense of peacefulness. With a continuously growing collection from all around the world he is inspired by the natural beauty so easily overlooked. Using a unique style of shooting he tries to bring simplicity, beauty, color, and a sense of ‘feeling’ to his work. “Anybody can look at the wave I am shooting and not see this as the finished product,” he remarks, “It’s taking notice and emphasizing the simple things that helps my work stand out.”

surf ocean art golden

He stumbled across this style of shooting one day at the beach and found his niche in it soon after. “A lot of the time I get to the beach and the waves are no good and the lighting is horrible, so I get no photos and ride no waves, but it’s the days that both of my favorite things come together that make it worth while.” He lists some of his personal favorites as some of the first images he has taken, including ‘Right Shoulder’ and ‘Golden” but is always searching for that next perfect shot. You can contact him through his website: www.beachbreakphotography.ca or by phone at 1-250-888-2017. Check back often as he is always updating and adding new images to his site.

surf art rightshoulder

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