Creative boba tea store design with curved wood-slat ceiling structure.

A new boba tea shop is soon to open in Sarnia, Ontario, ready to offer its visitors delicious treats and a good time, all in a charming, newly created space. Bobaroma masters the art of high-quality boba beverages and pairs them with cakes, puffs and the delightful mochi donut in flavors ranging from strawberry and mango to chocolate and matcha. To do justice to such an appealing menu, we crafted a creative boba tea store design that delivers the same mighty visual punch as the shop’s sweet treats and beverages.

Mochi donuts sold at boba tea cafe.

Mochi donuts from Bobaroma

This time, we started with a blank slate and we designed all elements of the brand, from logo and graphics to interior design, including the store’s kitchen. We wanted the store to projects a strong and fresh image, and we decided that bold colors and ingenious details were the way to go. This was especially necessary considering the small square footage and the fact that we needed to deliver a big impact despite this limiting factor.

Entrance to the boba tea shop.

Going for a young, modern vibe, we opted for a mostly clean background with neutral colors, while reserving another side of the store for an accent wall where bold colors and flamboyant details make a forceful impact. The mixture of patterns, textures and materials, with sudden transitions from tile to wood and paint, makes it visually engaging and dynamic.

Relying on details to create visual interest, we avoided overwhelming the eye by choosing a motif and repeating it throughout the store in different ways. We selected wood slats as the unifying element, using them in the design of the ceiling, front counter and walls to bring in the warmth of natural materials and to draw the eye toward a message or a spectacular design element.

View of the ingenious wooden structure masking the exposed ceiling.

Because the square footage was limited, we used the vertical space to create visual drama. We identified elements in the exposed ceiling that we could turn into focal points by applying a fresh coat of vibrant color. A combination of straight and round soffits painted in complementary colors, yellow space frames and pendant lighting, along with a spectacular curved wooden-slat structure that defines the serving area, creates a striking, layered look against the dark background. It also gives the illusion of higher ceilings and masks any unwanted elements.

Wall graphic on a richly colored wal in creative boba tea store design.

Neon lights spell out joyful messages and add an extra touch of color to the walls. The wall behind the corner seating area features a larger rendition of the brand’s logo against a colorful background. The darker design elements make the light pendants pop and appear as floating globes of light, creating an elegant look and brightening up the space.

View of the street from the store interior.

While the small store did not allow for large seating areas, we planned the space to accommodate different seating preferences. The curved floating tables with counter-height stools take up little room and keep the accent wall entirely visible. A counter-height table by the window offers customers the opportunity to contemplate the street outside while enjoying the store’s offerings.

A round table introduces another shape and mirrors the curved soffit above. This variation in colors and construction, used throughout the interior, gives it a rich look, despite the simple design of the minimalist furniture. The limited seating area creates a welcoming feel while keeping turnover quick and efficient.

The large wall graphics of boba tea and happy messaging serve as the focal point of the entire space, making it truly pop. They emphasize the feel of a creative boba tea store that isn’t afraid to be bold and innovative. These graphics are not just decorations; they are a statement, evoking excitement and joy and inviting customers to immerse themselves in the vibrant and dynamic atmosphere of Bobaroma.

Overall view of a creative boba tea store design.

Designer: Mindful Design Consulting
All photos: Mindful Design Consulting

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