Creative ice cream shop design in bright blue and yellow

An Athens-based design studio came up with a creative ice-cream store interior that brightens up a small street in the heart of the Greek capital. Designed by studiomateriality, the unconventional Spoild shop has adopted a unique “drill” theme and an industrial style that goes hand in hand with it.

Entrance to creative ice cream shop

The choice of the drill as the leitmotif in the design of the store is meant to suggest the hard work that goes into running an ice-cream store shop. The juxtaposition of the ice-cream swirls and those of the drill is an intriguing concept that creates an appealing visual contrast.

Blue and yellow creative interior for ice cream shop

In fact, the design seems to be build around the idea of contrasting elements: the softness of ice cream versus the toughness of power tools; the enjoyment of a delicious dessert versus the effort that makes things happen. Even the complementary blue and yellow colors are part of this play of opposites. 

Street view of unique tool-themed ice cream shop

The vibrant colors come in direct contrast with the cold vibe of the materials used in the design of the store. The look of tile and metal is softened by the lively blue, yellow, orange and pink tones that warm up the interior and manage to transform this “industrial” site into a fun place to be. 

Every now and then, a curved element provides another contrasting element, like the arched doors and windows or the round blue stools lined outside. 

Power tool theme of industrial-style ice cream shop

The drill appears in many forms in the design, whether in two or three-dimensional form. The free-standing jackhammer that welcomes customers as they enter the store is an excellent way to raise their interest and a great opportunity for snapping pictures. Other drill instances are paired with fun quotes, poke friendly fun at the ice-cream making process, or become visual attractions because of their surprising presence in a dessert store. 

Power-tool decor for dessert shop with industrial design

Wire dividers separate the work area and provide some storage options. They allow the space to be organized into functional areas while remaining open, and are an excellent solution for a small space. In addition, the wire panels emphasize the industrial style of the store. 

Interior of creative frozen yogurt shop

Outside the store, different seating areas are tied together by color and colorful sprinkles detail. The vibrant tones inside the shop are framed by the architectural shape of the windows and emphasized by lighting.

Fun ice cream shop front entrance

The entire store allows a quick peek at its main attractions from outside and tease passers-by with its “made with love and power” motto. This is an example of a creative ice cream store design where nothing is left to chance and where every detail serves the main design goal. 

Side view of small frozen dessert store

Designer: studiomateriality
All photos via Restaurant & Bar Design Awards

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