Creative table design with slanted tabletop and stable steel frame

Floor space is a valuable commodity in restaurant design, especially where the small square footage poses a challenge. Accommodating a large enough number of tables can become a problem when you try to navigate a delicate dance between aesthetics, client comfort and business requirements. That is where minimalism and creative table designs come into play to ensure that you don’t have to sacrifice any of these elements.

Photo above: Bowen Outdoor Pedestal Table from Grand Rapids Chair Company

But if beauty lies in details, how can minimalist furniture help you create a charming interior? It may be because a unique twist in the design adds a surprising element to a table, an unexpected functionality, an elegant material, or a vibrant color. It may also be because it allows other elements of design to shine. Here are a few examples of tables that you might want to consider for your restaurant, dessert store or coffee shop, and that do just that.

For example, this round coffee table creates visual interest by incorporating a criss-cross wire pattern on its hourglass shape. While enhancing the beauty of your interior by creating patterns of colors when set against a colorful background, the table does not compromise on functionality. It can be flat-packed and stored away, is suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings, and occupies minimal floor space.

Creative minimalist table design with criss-cross wire pattern

Round Coffee Table by Bend Goods on Wayfair

The IKEA Stensele table has a secure frame that suggests stability, yet a sleek silhouette and classic square shape that simplifies seating configurations. Adding a thoughtful detail, it features two easy-to-reach hooks that make storing purses or jackets simple and convenient. If you want to change the look of your tables, you can purchase separate tabletops and use them to change the look of your interior whenever desired.

IKEA pedestal table with solid frame in a modern restaurant

Stensele Table from IKEA

If you are against bulky furniture pieces, but all for stability, the Bowen table delivers. Its solid steel frame is not only reliable and durable but also elegant, available in various colors, and suitable for outdoor use. Coming in different heights (dining, counter, and bar), the table uses a sustainable wood alternative made from recyclable plastic to ensure the tabletop remains free from splintering, cracking or chipping. The slanted design makes it easy to clean and gives it a special charm and familiar look.

Creative table design with slanted tabletop for easy cleaning

Bowen Outdoor Pedestal Table from Grand Rapids Chair Company

The Briscola bistro table is an excellent example that minimalist tables can be great candidates for elegant interior pieces. The pedestal frame is “dressed” in wood, while the tabletop is inset with marble. The combination of these two natural materials, especially when chosen in light tones, brings in a warmth that minimalist furniture sometimes struggles to create. 

Elegant pedestal tables wit inset marble tabletop

Briscola Bistro Table with Wooden Frame from A+R

Inspired by the shape of sawbenches, the K2 Talk table takes up little space yet allows people to come together in a seating area unencumbered by heavy pieces and bulk. Minimalist in design, it offers you the opportunity to introduce color into your interior. In fact, its size, color and material can be customized to ensure that the table fits well into your space.

Communal tables inspired by the look of sawbenches

The K2 Talk Standing Table by Mikkel Bahr on Jensen Plus

The Kontour collection fro Malign generously includes dining, lounge and bar-height tables. These creative table designs use pipe frames to create a sense of flow and continuity, as if they were drawn with one single and uninterruped brushstroke. The colors are vibrant and the look is hip. The tables can help you delicately fill your space with color or, if you prefer the neutral metallic tones, keep your interior as free and airy as possible. 

Colorful tables with pipe frame designs

The creative table designs in the Kontur Collection from Malign

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