Cupcakes Store Design

Cupcakes Store Interior Design Ideas.  As a designer, I am always on an exploration journey to see what is happening in a design world around the globe.  Today I would like to introduce some of the most interesting Cupcakes Store brands I found for your review.  The 1st cupcakes store on the list below looks like it came from the future.  Very clean architectural lines and bold use of yellow and grey colors project professionalism and high quality of the product.

Cupcakes Store Interior Design

Les Bebes Cupcakes Store is designed by architect Johnny Chiu and his team of creatives at JCA.

This cupcake store (below) called Trophy has the sophistication of a bakery that you would expect from France.   Green minty and chocolate brown colors go in perfect harmony. 

Cupcakes Store interior design

This toy-like store Chioccolato store (below) is very bright and inviting.  I would definitely want to visit this store and try all the different creations they produce.  Designers did a great job with the overall brand to attract customers inside!


Chioccolato Cupcake store was designed by Savvy Studios.


The interior of the next cupcakes store named Joy is full of soft colors that contrast with natural timber stools. I absolutely love the pendant light fixtures that look like upside down cupcake wrappers!


Joy cupcake shop designed by Mim Design.


This delicate and inspiring interior design of Hello Cupcake Shop is one of my favorite.  Read my blog post about it HERE.


Hello Cupcake Store was designed by Bonstra|Haresign Architects.


This amazing cupcakes store, below, is called Cupcake Central. I love the modern look and feel of it and the simplicity of materials selected for the interior, such as unfinished wood siding and outside walls painted in opaque black paint. You can learn more about this cupcake store HERE.



Gerogetown Cupcake store interior design is all about elegance and sophistication. Black menu board and black owning outside create a nice contrast for the light overall colors.  I am not sure who designed this beautiful store but would love to find out.



Johny’s Cupcakes is a compete opposite of everything you have seen on my list.  It’s a rebel in interior design, branding and overall concept which works really well. The Johnny Cupcakes brand, which originated in Massachusetts, does not sell cupcakes as one would expect, but clothing!  

Cupcakes Store Interior Design Ideas

Cupcakes Store Interior Design Ideas

Let us know what you think about these designs or if you would like to see some other store posted here.

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