Cupcake store interior inspired by the shape of a cake box

As designers, we are always on an exploration journey to see what is happening in the design world around the globe. Catering to their customers’ appetite for fun sweet treats in a relaxed environment, dessert shops and bakeries have the potential to be some of the most entertaining places to visit. Here are only a few cupcake store design ideas that illustrate this point with their strong brand identity and unique character.

Photo above: Les Bébés Cupcakery by JC Architecture. Photo: Kevin Wu

Les Bébés Cupcakery in Taipei, Taiwan has a certain futuristic vibe given by the minimalist design, the placement of the light fixtures and the preference for very clean architectural lines. The angles of the walls and ceilings simultaneously call to mind the shape of a house and that of a cake box, evoking the familiar feel of a domestic environment and the happiness of opening a new treat. 

The bold use of yellow against the neutral gray backround projects a sense of taste that reflects upon the high quality of the products. 

Yellow and gray chromatic palette in cupcake shop and kitchen

Les Bébés Cupcakery, designed by architect Johnny Chiu and his creative team at JC Architecture.
Photo: Kevin Wu

Round details on the face of the counter in contemporary dessert shop

Les Bébés Cupcakery by JC Architecture. Photo: Kevin Wu

Trophy is a cupcake store that has the sophistication of a bakery you would expect from France, all transplanted onto American soil. With its perfecty harmonized green minty and chocolate brown tones, the interior suggest both the decadent and he refreshing nature of its treats. The striped awnings are a charming feature reiterated in the shape and colors of the cake boxes.

Cupcake store design with French vibes and awning details

One of the locations of Trophy Cupcakes and Party in Washington state.

Bright and inviting, the Cioccolato store in Monterrey, Mexico, brings out the kid in everyone with its almost toy-like brand concept. The furniture seems to have gone through a metamorphosis, capturing the texture of dripping chocolate in its solid design. The interior is a definite attraction for customers and the overall look has the unique and surprising factor that defines a winning brand.

Interior illustrating fun cupcake store design ideas with surprising decorative elements

Cioccolato pastry boutique by Savvy Studios

Display table with a leg resembling dripping chocolate in fun pastry shop

Cioccolato pastry boutique by Savvy Studios

Joy is a fitting name for a cupcake store interior that tries to recreate the familiar and warm atmosphere of a domestic kitchen. This nostalgia-inducing shop in Melbourne, Australia, features soft colors, natural timber tools, fabric accents and charming pendant light fixtures that look like upside down cupcake wrappers. The scalloped edge of the counter and the kitchen tools hanging on wooden pegs touch a sensitive chord in everyone’s heart. 

Cupcake store design ideas appealing to feelings of nostalgia for domestic life

Joy Cupcakes by Mim Design

Light fixtures shaped as cupcake wrappers in dessert store

Joy Cupcakes by Mim Design

Hello Cupcake‘s delicate and inspiring interior design is one of our favorites. The strict geometric lines of the store find a beautiful contrasting element in the wavy details of the front counter, the opulent chandeliers and the floral details of the walls.

Geometric lines contrasting with wavy counter details in cupcake store design

Hello Cupcake store by Bonstra|Haresign Architects

Simple floral wall details, luxurious chandelier and cupcake display in charming dessert boutique

Hello Cupcake store by Bonstra|Haresign Architects

In our search for awesome cupcake store design ideas, we found the charming Cupcake Central in Hawthorn, Australia. Its charm comes from its modern look, the simplicity of materials such as the unfinished wood siding and the outside walls painted in opaque black paint. 

Natural materials in cupcake store interior design

Cupcake Central, Hawthorn, Australia

Georgetown Cupcake store interior design is all about elegance and sophistication. There is a certain classic beauty in the neutral tones, the careful details and the almost formal look of this shop in Washington, DC. A light chromatic palette, metallic light fixtures, wood wainscoting and a simple black menu board come together in a polished and refined interior.

Classic lines and traditional beauty in elegant dessert shop

Georgetown Cupcake by Core Architecture + Design

Johnny Cupcakes is a complete opposite of everything you have seen on this list. The shop is a rebel in interior design, branding and overall concept, which works really well. The Johnny Cupcakes brand, which originated in Massachusetts, does not sell cupcakes as one would expect, but clothing. The shop places itself at the intersection of two types of businesses, with fashion products and a cupcake store interior design. 

Clothing boutique designed as cupcake shop

Johnny Cupcakes clothing boutique

Oven and fridge displays in clothing store resembling a cupcake shop

Johnny Cupcakes clothing boutique

Let us know what you think about these designs or if you would like to see some other store posted here.

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