Delicate pink, gold and white accents in charming dessert bar interior

Opened in 2008, Sift Dessert Bar is a woman-owned company born from a desire to provide a high-end dessert selection to Northern California’s Wine Country and San Francisco Bay Area. Winner of Food Network’s Cupcakes War in 2011, Sift started small but gained popularity fast, which allowed it to expand to more locations. The company needed a rebranding strategy and is currently planning for even more expanding. As great appreciators of desserts and all things tasty, we took the challenge to create for the company a dessert bar interior that reflects all its main attributes, from the female ownership and the quality of treats to the location of the shop and its mode of operation.

Pink, peach and white dessert shop interior with self-ordering kiosk

Sift offers treats such as cupcakes, macarons, cruffles, whoppie cookies and cakes, as well as seasonal items, all of which it also ships nationwide. The upscale nature of its products, as well as the demanding quality of a clientele that expects only the best, determined us to create an elegant interior that suggests class and taste, but also informal enough to create a sense of happiness, lightness and joy. The result was a charming dessert bar interior with feminine features, clean yet polished lines, and a graceful look given by all its lovely details.

Cherry wallpaper on the wall of pink-and-white dessert shop

We used the brand colors that add up to a delightfully feminine color palette, both delicate in its soft pink tones and energetic in its bright pink and red accents. We layered this with a crisp white background and easy-to-clean vinyl flooring that mimics the classic terrazzo style. Slim white pedestal tables and simple chairs  with elegant contours brigthen the small but inviting seating area. In front of the window, with a full view of the street, a long counter-height table offers an additional seating option and makes optimal use of the available space.

Pink wavy ceiling details and white display cases in small and elegant bakery store

Curved lines dominate this dessert bar interior. The white corian counter with its glass display case is towered by an uneven series of pink translucent panels that create an eye-catching ceiling landscape and a sense of delicate and serene movement. Recessed oval shelves are ready to display the shop’s products against a peach-tone backdrop and wood-look laminate. On the opposite side, self-ordering kiosks create a symmetrical look and give definition to the wall hosting the shop’s menuboards. 

The generous natural light coming in from the large windows is enhanced by that of the four-branched chandeliers with bright exposed light bulbs, gracefully arching over the seating area. Track lights ensure optimal illumination of each corner of the store, while the pendant lights above the counter feature the same gold-tone accents. The white ceiling tile augments the brightenss of the interior. A large cherry neon sign sits on top of a cherry-pattern custom wallpaper that brings in a playful look and ties in with the “cherry on top” sign displayed in the seating area.

Wallpaper with cherry details in the office area of the dessert shop

We extended the same main features into the small office and conference room area at the back of the store. Placed around a round gold-based table, contemporary chairs in soft pink shades bring in the curves that have stopped here to monopolize the look.  The wall finishes become the focal point of the room. A pink accent wall with high shelves that swerve around the room is bordered by contrasting cork board panels with natural patterns. The same cherry wallpaper covers the wall on the oposite side, layered this time with an oversized version of the Sift logo.

Elegant conference room in pink and neutrals for desser bar business

The light pendant in this room abandons the curved lines too, but retains the gold frame. Recessed lights provide plenty of illumination in a windowless room.

Pink accent wall in the office area of the dessert bar

The furniture, accents and finishes have a definite contemporary look, yet manage to preserve a sense of great playfulnes combined with a good dose of sophistication.

Finishes and furniture board for dessert bar interior

Colors, finishes, materials, furniture and lighting selection for elegant desser bar interior

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