Takeaway packaging is more important than many companies give it credit for. Your packaging isn’t just a way to get your products to your customers. The packaging that you use keeps your products safe, warm in the case of hot food, well presented, and hygienic. It also stops leaks, protecting other products and customers. It should be easy to use, attractive and functional. Nowadays more and more companies are also trying to be more environmentally friendly with their packaging choices, helping them to help the planet, but also building a reputation as a brand that cares.

Takeaway Packaging

Above: Eco-Friendly Food Containers. Photos via Kavis News, PacknWood.


Your packaging is also a way to get remembered. Stylish packaging, and more than just the standard boxes and bottles that other brands in your field are using, will get your company noticed, and remembered. Packaging is a great form of advertising, which can be an effective way to boost your brand. But there’s a lot to think about. Here are some tips to help you design the perfect packaging for your business.


Takeaway Packaging for Restaurant

Above: Newspaper print mini slider box from Picknwood

Learn from the Past

Packaging has evolved over the years, just like everything else. Companies have spent millions on research, learning more about colorways, convenience, design, and misrepresentation, as well as how to become more environmentally friendly. Read an introduction to package design, learn about all elements of packaging, and see the evolution of the good old soda can. Make informed decisions when it comes to packaging, instead of following current trends or going with things that you like, without giving it too much thought.

Wow Pizza Box Graphic Design

Above: Wow Pizza box design by Mindful Design Consulting

Keep it Simple

A common mistake, that many businesses make, is trying to be clever. They want to show off, so they add plenty of extras. They bombard their customers with colors, patterns, and design elements. They add handles, flaps, and other additions. Suddenly their boxes are a sensory overload, their customers don’t know where to look, and can’t take anything in well enough to remember it. Even worse, they grow frustrated when the box is difficult to open. Add your logo, but otherwise stick to simple designs, and make sure your boxes and bottles are easy to open, even when full, and that they don’t need to carry their own instruction manual.

Branding Logo Design

Above: Restaurant logo design by Mindful Design Consulting

Consider Your Brand Values and Your Target Market

What does your brand stand for? Who is your target market? A beauty brand, or health food company, that focuses on natural ingredients should focus on natural color schemes and materials. A company selling to teens and young people might use brighter colors than one that appeals to older people.

Food Packaging Design for Restaurants

Be True to Your Product

It’s ok to add some mystery by not laying everything out on the box of takeaway packaging. But it’s not ok to mislead your customers. Be authentic. If you want pictures of your products on the packaging, they shouldn’t be overly edited or photoshopped. They should always accurately reflect what is in the box.

Starbucks Packaging Cups Design

Consider Shelf Impact

If you are selling a product that will be sold in bulk you need to keep in mind shelf impact of your takeaway packaging. Shelf impact is how your product will look on the shelf surrounded by other products of the same kind. Will your packaging get lost in the crowd? Or will it stand out and get noticed? It’s worth exploring shops and thinking about where your product will sit, what it will be next to, and how different it will look.

Packaging is a fantastic way to get noticed and grow your brand. So, it’s certainly worth taking your time to get it right.

Donuts Takeaway Packaging

Above: Holey Donuts take-out box design.  Logo and branding by Mindful Design Consulting.

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