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We have recently completed another project – Frosted LUV, a dessert store that serves frozen treats from traditional ice cream to frozen yogurt, and more. In keeping with the idea that dessert shops must use colors to celebrate their products, attract clients and open their appetite, we generously did just that by opting for vibrant and cheerful tones. A combination of yellow, pink and purple tones used in unapologetic blocks of color makes this interior pop and instantly arrests the eye. By using it against a white background of shiny white tiles, we avoided the risk of color overload, while making the space memorable and fun to look at.

We are believers in the aesthetic value of visual variety and we love making our spaces interesting. This is why we made an effort to build curved surfaces or cleverly incorporate the ones already there, in order to provide a balance for the angles of the space. The curved contour of the soffits is emphasized by colorful paint. The wall in the self-serve area takes a soft turn towards an arched doorway. The lines of the modern light fixtures, the decorative elements of the windows and doors, the design of the counter, even the shape of the chairs and the scalloped awning of the vending-cart are part of this attempt to soften the look, make it more inviting and balance the asperities of the space. 

The painted stripe design of the wall complements perfectly these curved elements and brings together the colors of the interior. We love using the visual power of stripes as a way to “shock” the eye and bring a space to life. In order to keep all these colors under control, we used wood elements to ground the interior and provide the masculine balance to the feminine combination of pastels and curves. The bench, tabletops and counter all bring in the wood tones and texture that makes everything warm, familiar and visually comfortable. 

We alternated the look of the light fixtures between metal light shades, exposed bulbs, track and recessed lights. This allowed us not only to provide visual variety, but also to control the lighting, mood and atmosphere in different areas of the store.

A wooden vending cart with a pink-and-white awning is a charming addition to this space and serves as a functional display shelf. Its presence introduces a nostalgic element into this dessert store design and makes visitors take an instant trip into a simpler past. 

We designed the store’s logo using a variety of bright and vivid colors that invite visitors to think of appetizing fruit flavors. We provided our clients with both the Pantone colors and the fonts we used for the logo, in order to make designing other marketing collateral easier. The logo, decorated with colorful “sprinkles”, is proudly displayed in an oversized version on the wall of the seating area, helping visitors associate these moments of relaxation with the colors and message of the brand.

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