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Trees, cupcakes and interior design may not have much in common, but “The Tree Project”, imagined and realized by Lukstudio, proves to be a happy intersection of the three. The venue is the K11 Art Mall in Shanghai and the inspiration – the bird in the visual graphic of the brand. The transition from birds to the trees was only natural.

The idea behind the interior design concept is evident – patrons would sit under the tree’s vast crown, enjoying their sweet treats. The realization, however, is original. The designers decided to build the crown of the tree in graceful waves reminiscent of the folds and swirls of cupcake icing.

The tree concept was not only an aesthetic choice, but also one dictated by the very particular need to camouflage a large column in the middle of the seating area. Hidden by wooden cylinders, the column became a tree trunk, directing the eye towards the tree crown.

Little peephole placed at certain intervals on the tree trunk are a charming detail. They remind one of a woodpecker’s “work” in the wood and tease children to feed their curiosity and peep in.

The wooden cylinders are a recurring element in the Tree Project design. Climbing down from the ceiling above the display area, some of them evoke the beauty of willow branches; others are placed on the counter and play the role of pedestal displays for desserts.

The chromatic choices remain in the area of natural tones, with crisp luminous white as a background canvas. Rustic tables from the “Twiggy” collection populate the seating area. Keeping with the same main concept, the tables rest on legs reminiscent of tree branches, for a cohesive interior design.

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