In a society that is becoming more and more environmentally minded, the list of eco-friendly products and materials keeps getting longer. When it comes to interior design, it’s all about reusing materials, finding green alternatives for single-use products, replacing traditional materials with better solutions – and yes, 3D printing. Below, we put together a short list of green products, materials and trends that make us believe eco-friendly interior design is on the right track. 

Photo above: Tômtex textile by Uyen Tran. Via

Creating your own furniture with the help of a designer, then printing it out in the back of the furniture shop and having it delivered in 24 hours is not just a scenario for the future, but something that already happens. In fact, as early as three years ago, Print the Future, a company started by Neil Patel and Raj Bharti, implemented this idea in their Manhattan pop-up shop, appropriately fitted with a BigRep 3D printer. Some of their furniture were geometric stools and chairs.

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WM Events is set to prove that cardboard can become anything you want. Here, this extremely versatile recyclable material is used in creating unique environments that are bound to awe with their originality.

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If you want to pair your love for green interior design with your passion for unique decor, West Elm has just the right answer. Created in collaboration with designer Eileen Fisher, their upcycled home collection takes previously-owned garments and transforms them into one-of-a-kind interior decor pieces. The collection consists of lounge chairs and pillow covers.

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When it comest to textiles, Tômtex takes it to a new level. This is an innovative leather alternative created by Vietnamese designer Uyen Tran using seafood shells and coffee waste, and embossed with leather patterns. Durable, flexible, biodegradable and easy to sew, Tômtex is based on the biopolymer chitin that is extracted from the exoskeleton of crustaceans.

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LED lighting just got an elegant upgrade. The Stickbulb Multi LED Pendant combines three sleek wood pendants, each lined up with two dimmable LED lamps. The three elements can be adjusted to provide up or downlight, and the generous wood options – maple, oak, pine or walnut – make this piece easy to pair with the right decor. This handmade pendant is a perfect statement piece for a space where both style and green design are important. 

Multi LED Pendant by Stickbulb via

One of our favorite new eco-friendly products, the One Straw by Green One is designed for bubble-tea lovers using 100% food-safe and recyclable TPE. Its interlocking design allows for thorough cleaning between uses and turns the One Straw into a great alternative to the less desirable single-use options. Large enough for tapioca pearls and perfect for both hot and cold drinks, this product may just be the answer to the eternal straw problem. 

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