A color of 2012 year has finally been revealed by the Pantone Color Institute! Tangerine Tango – an electric orange red color is warm, uplifting, and energizing! It’s also been noted to look great with almost every skin tone.

color of 2012

Today I would like to point out a few simple example of how this new color can be used in your interior.  Because the new color is very rich and bright, similar to last year’s color honeysuckle, there is no need to go over the board repainting your whole house or office with the new paint.  But a few tasteful accents will do the trick of staying in touch with the fashion.

color of 2012 office interior

Tumblr company uses orange red color for accent walls around their office. It brings cheerful feeling and energy into the space. Orange color is well know to psychologically boost energy.  It is also a good color to awaken a “call for action” when used on printing materials or on your website.

color of 2012 office interior glass

In this office orange was used in different shades next to each other.  The rich orange glass partitions create inviting intimate spaces dividing the office without making it feel small.

color of 2012 office interior partitions

Orange partitions like the ones on the image above could also cheer up your otherwise dreary cubicles.

color of 2012 office conference room

A conference room could be your field of possibilities to try the new orange red color by maybe replacing your old chairs.

color of 2012 orange home office

In your home office, adding some color is always good.  It keeps your brain sharp and focused on your tasks.

color of 2012 orange restaurant

Orange Hill restaurant in Orange, CA is a great example of using orange color in its interior.  Combine your orange accents with darker brown and lighter teal color for even better effect.

color of 2012 hotel

And whatever you do with the new orange red color this year, have fun!  Learn more about different colors and how they affect our mood HERE.

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