Pink shelf and blue upholstery in restaurant dining area

Dressed up in bubblegum pink and royal blue, Dijon restaurant in Almaty, Kazakhstan makes color and visual contrast its winning allies. Designed by Almaty-based architectural group and consultancy Lenz / Architects, this French dining venue brings together elements that are soft and rough, raw and sophisticated, industrial and modern. This unlikely combination makes each detail of this elegant restaurant design demand attention and get noticed.

The principal actor in this drama of opposites is the soft pink shade generously used around the entire space, and that gives the interior its distinct character. Pink notably comes into play in the design of the restaurant’s wine racks.

Contrasting pink and blue in elegant restaurant design

Covering the entire wall up to the ceiling, a gracefully curved wine rack creates an unmistakable focal point at the end of the main dining area. Its undulating lines evokes the flow of an elegant dance and the beauty of a veritable piece of art.

Pink ceiling-high wine rack in restaurant interior

The pink tones are a fitting choice for this unique wall. Its softness perfectly agrees with the delicately flowing lines of the structure that casually incorporates the French wine bottles as pieces to behold. While the walls remain neutral in color, the pink wine rack anchors the space and provides a solid background against which the cloud-shaped light fixtures boast their ethereal charm.

Cloud-like wine rack in pink restaurant design

A pleasantly surprising touch is the painting of the air ducts in the same pink tones. Rather than attempting to make the exposed ceiling and its raw elements less conspicuous, the designers decided to take full advantage of it and turn it into an eye-catcher. The result is the very definition of the design approach to this space – taming its harsh, severe elements, but allowing them to shine. 

Elegant combination of industrial and soft accents in restaurant interior

A minimalist artwork by American artist David Cantu adds another refined element to the mix. Simple yet impactful, it elevates the space aesthetically and allows it to breathe and remain airy.

Minimlaist wall art in modern interior design

A floating concrete staircase leads upstairs, where a family table offers a full view of the main hall. Mirror panels cover the ceiling, mitigating its insufficient height and creating the illusion of depth. 

Mirrored ceiling for added depth in restaurant interior

The upholstered blue chairs and gold accents create a definite sense of luxury and define an an elegant restaurant design that  suggests customers they are about to be pampered. 

View of sophisticated restaurant from above

Large windows with curved frames allow for generous light, yet the space has the elegance of an evening dress. Set against the rich upholstery, the metal accents evoke the sparkle of jewelry.

Pink, blue and gold accents in elegant design

Behind a curved glass enclosure, a temperature-controlled room is populated by wine and flowers, preserved in ideal conditions. 

Elegant accents in modern restaurant design

Designer: Lenz / Architects
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