Earth Weave Carpet is an Environmentally Conscious Choice for Any Commercial or Residential Interior.

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When you are looking for a new carpet for one of your interior design projects the choices seem endless. There are so many things to consider: durability, look, price, and whether the carpet is made of a sustainable material. If you are working with a LEED AP designer, they will be able to help you find a healthier and the environmentally friendlier option.

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One of my favorite options is Earth Weave carpet by Green Depot Environmental Living and Building because all of its components are made of natural products. The fibers are 100{7f6b511118f3db1a05f160455b7bc2b69710387d1f828e7e1b6a763a6e34bbc4} wool, hemp, and cotton, the colors are achieved pigments, it has natural backing out of jute (which comes from a plant), and the adhesive comes from a rubber tree. Conventionally produced carpets contain multiple chemicals in the adhesive, stain-proofing and dye.

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Why go Green in your interior design?
The chemicals that are typically in carpeting will off-gas for a while after installation. Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, have health implications including headaches, nausea, and possibly an increase in the risk of cancer. If you can avoid products that off-gas when creating your commercial interior design, the building will be a better place to work in.  Also, if you choose a sustainable material, the environmental impact is lessened.

natural carpet

Earth Weave carpet comes in many different styles and colors so you can coordinate it to your decor. Visit their website at Green Depot to look over the selection. It’s a carpet that is friendly to both you and the environment, a winning combination.  Carpets are typically used for commercial application in offices and hotels.

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