Unique storefront with modern geometric lines and eye-catching color

A daring geometrical structure and vivid color is a winning combination for a storefront meant to draw the attention of potential customers. This is exactly what the entrance of a gift and gadget store in Hong Kong does. Yellow and modern, this eye-catching facade design is easy to spot and hard to forget. 

Konzepp is a concept store with a design dreamed up and put together by Geoff Tsui, the co-founder of the design firm 33WILL, as well as that of the Konzepp concept store itself. The idea behind this store is to offer today’s consumer (who finds more and more value in objects that are not mass-produced), original items that are limited in number, resonate with the buyer on a more personal level and inspire to create.

Eye-catching facade design with fun geometrical structure

The facade perfectly matches this concept. Its design steps away from the boxed look of the typical storefront. Instead, it clearly shows that this is a place where creativity is valued and nurtured.

Modern concept store facade in vibrant yellow

The front structure consists of intersecting planes that create an intriguing asymmetrical look and invite the eye to further analysis. The design is all about angles and unexpected geometric combinations. This curious construction is not only a smart way to grab the attention of passers-by, but a perfect introduction to a store that offers unique items.

Large yellow geometric structures in eye-catching facade design

The main elements of this eye-catching facade design are repeated inside the store, where the counter retains the same bright yellow color and angular construction. Intersecting yellow beams are positioned obliquely behind the counter, adding both color and architectural interest to a white interior.

Yellow front counter decorated with geometric structures

Via weburbanist.com
Designer: Geoff Tsui
All photos courtesy of Geoff Tsui

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