Chinese restaurant interior design

This eye-catching interior of Xing, a Chinese restaurant in New York, was created by Lewis Architects. One of the most distinctive features of this restaurant interior is the colorful ceiling canopy assembled from acrylic strips.

Chinese restaurant interior design

There are a few separate areas in this restaurant interior.  Each of the areas is differentiated by the use of specific material, textures and colors. At the front entrance area, more natural materials are used. The walls around the bar are covered in stone and the booths are wrapped in elegant bamboo finish.

Chinese restaurant interior design

Deeper at the back of the restaurant you’ll find much softer materials, such as velvet applied to the wall, dampening the sounds and creating a cozy feeling. An aquarium which is built in into a wall radiates a soothing glow in this dining area.  Red brings out much more excitement raising appetite of the visitors.

Chinese restaurant interior design

A large canopy made of a floor-to-ceiling stack of 1/4-inch wide colored acrylic, creates a rainbow of stripes over the space leading to the back.

chinese restaurant design interior ceiling

The lights are embedded in to the canopy making it one of the dominant features of the overall design.

chinese restaurant design interior walls

This restaurant interior is a one more example of how by using different types of materials, colors and textures you can create different effects and satisfy different senses within a small space.

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