Nature-inspired wallpaper for commercial design

One of our go-to solutions for wall treatments with great visual impact is wallpaper with bold designs. This is exactly what Ever Wallpaper, a London-based company that sells online throughout the world, offers business owners and designers who want to create one-of-a-kind spaces. Their huge collection of high-end products bursts with creativity, comes at affordable prices, and shows you what you can achieve when using wallpaper for commercial design projects.

Bold wallpaper in restaurant design

The company is a great source of wallpapers for restaurant interiors, cafes, bars, offices, hotels, stores and any commercial projects in search of that unique decorative element that sets them apart. Their commercial wallpaper murals come in an impressive number of patterns and designs for every taste, style or project, from scenic landscapes to plant or animal wallpaper, and from oil painting to cartoon murals.

Geometric or artistic designs, food or sports-themed murals, metal, industrial and 3D wallpaper are only a few of your possible choices. In case you need a design that is uniquely yours, Ever Wallpaper offers custom murals using your own exclusive art. 

Floral and marble wallpaper in cafe interior

While it’s difficult to do justice here to their generous wallpaper collection, here are just a few styles that you may enjoy and that have a striking presence in a commercial space.


Textured wallpaper adds dimension to your design and gives your walls depth and visual interest. If you are an artistic spirit, or if this is the vibe you’re after, textured wallpaper gives you the rich look, the color and the detail.

Rustic concrete wallpaper for commercial design

Rustic Concrete Wallpaper from Ever Wallpaper

You can create the illusion of a larger space, take your customers outdoors or transport them into another world just by adding a wall mural. With wallpaper, you can take your interior to any place or any time you want, and create the unique atmosphere your customers will remember. 

Plastered brick wallpaper for urban cafe decor

Downtown Plastered Brick Wallpaper from Ever Wallpaper

If what you are after is an elegant look against a stunning background, consider a marble pattern. The sense of movement and fluidity, as well as the graceful color combinations can give your space a dynamic look and tie in all the colors of your space. 

Marble pattern wall treatment for elegant restaurant

Vortex River Wallpaper from Ever Wallpaper


There is nothing like graffiti wallpaper for a cafe, restaurant or bar that targets a young hip audience. Besides the fact that this mural style is an instant solution for your need for patterns and color, it brings in something rebellious, artistic and liberating at the same time. Used in office design, this type of wallpaper is even more striking as it is unexpected. 

Graffiti wallpaper for hip cafe interiors

Street Wallpaper from Ever Wallpaper

If you have any message you want to share, a graffiti wallpaper is just the right medium to do it.

Colorful graffiti wallpaper for cool bar design

So What Wallpaper from Ever Wallpaper


Wallpaper can single-handedly define the style of an interior or what a business is all about. If you want to create a nostalgic ambience where your customers can dream of another time while lingering over your treats, go vintage. While “vintage” implies a bow to the past, that doesn’t mean that it cannot be full of energy and color.

Marilyn Monroe pop art wallpaper for cafes, bars and restaurants

Monroe Pop Art Wallpaper from Ever Wallpaper

For a subtle look, vintage color tones can give you both the pop and the warm feel, like this mid-century-inspired wallpaper.

Vintage wallpaper inspired by mid-century design

Vintage Red Seal Wallpaper from Ever Wallpaper

The walls are you biggest canvas, so don’t be afraid to use them. Chinese art, for instance, can complement a Chinese restaurant and get customers completely immersed in the experience. 

Chinese art wallpaper for creative wall treatment

Chinese Lady of Tang Dynasty Wallpaper from Ever Wallpaper 


Much like living plants, nature-inspired wallpapers create a sense of abundance and peace, and give the eye the green color they crave. Oversized leaf patterns make customers feel sheltered or simply bring in the beauty of nature. 

Wallpaper with oversized leaf pattern

The luxurious feel of a green field captured by the design of a wallpaper is unmatchable. Even more, it is a versatile piece of wall art that looks at home in restaurants or cafe as different as rustic, traditional or modern. 

Green field wallpaper for rustic cafe interiors

The value of a beautiful life-size landscape wallpaper in an urban area is not something you want to miss. This is also a great choice for a lobby, a hallway or in an office where such images can help employees be more relaxed, happy and productive. 

Wallpaper with forest landscape


The creative opportunities that come with using wallpaper for commercial design are what makes it an attractive wall treatment solution. Any object, character or place can be rendered in a 2-D version, brought into your space and allowed to define it. A bookshelf wallpaper, for instance, is a great fit for a cafe where customers are invited to read or where they can do some work while enjoying their treats.

Bookshelf wallpaper for book enthusiast cafe patrons

Bookrack Wallpaper from Ever Wallpaper

When it comes to wallpaper for commercial design, extravagant is a good word. Be bold with your art and your style. Cartoon-style wallpaper, for instance, is playful, fun and quirky and makes your interior more memorable.

Fun cartoon wallpaper for commercial design

Cool Cat Wallpaper from Ever Wallpaper

All pictures: Ever Wallpaper

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