So you defined the bagua of your house or office by using a traditional or Western map. What’s next? Once you know what area of your house channels a certain type of energy, you can improve on the latter by changing your environment. Or, in feng shui jargon, by using feng shui cures.

It is a good idea to work on only one area at a time to avoid overwhelming yourself. Balance and inner peace are your goal, so stressing over them defies your purpose. You can approach your feng shui project from two directions. First, in order to achieve good energy, decorate each area of your house according to the type of energy it relates to. Second, identify which area of your life needs improvement and concentrate on the corresponding area of your house or office.

Working on Each Area of Your Home or Office

Here is an example. As the bagua map suggests, the North area of your house is related to the water element, your career and the colors blue and black. As feng shui cures, use these colors to paint the walls, or decorate with blue accent pieces and curtains. Bring in a water feature (such as an aquarium or a water fountain), a decorative item that includes a flowing element, or a piece of wall decor depicting water. Think about the kind of energy you want in your career – moving constantly towards your goal yet avoiding unnecessary conflict and turmoil. Accordingly, the image of a river is preferable to a lake or a stormy ocean.

In your life, this is the place corresponding to your career, so make it a space where you can reflect upon it, find strength and inspiration, and where you are reminded of what you want to achieve professionally. Especially if your career needs improvement, concentrate on bringing in images of people you admire, of the university you want to attend, or the place where you want your career to take you. Motivational images in the North area of your home or office are excellent ways to activate the energy responsible for your career.

Feng Shui Cures for Life Improvements

If you feel that your life is stagnant in one specific area, use feng shui cures to improve on that specific energy. Remember that you don’t need to invest much into these feng shui enhancers. As you know it’s also the case in any decorating project, sometimes small changes transform the entire energy of a space.

For example, if you could use some improvements in your education-related undertakings, concentrate on the Northeast area, whose corresponding elements is earth. Place your study here and bring in objects that express the energy of this element: stones, crystals, pottery pieces. Choose earthy colors such as light yellow, beige or sandy shades when deciding on your paint, decorative pillows, area rugs etc.

Study feng shui principles in more depth and find out about supporting elements that feed the area’s native one. In this case, fire feeds earth, so having at least one fire-related item is essential. This is also the area of wisdom and knowledge, so the presence of books, framed words of wisdom or pictures of a mentor are great energy activators.

While feng shui cures are an extensive and fascinating subject that we can only touch here, it is not at all a rigid science. In fact, you may find that it encourages and fires up your creativity while forcing you to think of yourself and of your living space as a part of a grand, marvelous universal scheme.

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