If there is one room where it’s essential to use some feng shui wisdom, it’s your office. Since this is where you spend most of your waking hours, your office is a space that has a great effect on your well-being, balance and inner peace. It’s also the place where most of your life is shaped, according to the success of your work. Therefore, it’s a well worth effort to feng shui your office for your own enjoyment and for a greater chance to succeed in your career. Here are a few tips.  

The Placement of Your Desk

To feel in control of your own space, do not sit with your back towards the door. This is a good thing to remember if you receive clients and want to appear both welcoming and in full command. Placing the desk where you are always aware of who enters the room is also a good metaphor for your business, since you can view opportunities as entering through the door. Choose the farther corner from the door for your desk, so that you can monitor the entire space from here and feel the master of your working area.

Your Back

Maybe you remember that feeling safe is essential to achieving a state of well-being through feng shui. Sitting with your back toward a wall gives you this sense of security. If you cannot avoid sitting with your back toward the window (which is not recommended), try to have a tall building behind you. The height of the building will take on the role of the “protective” mountain that is part of the feng shui principles.

Your View

Your view from the desk should NOT be a corridor, elevator, bathroom or any other such utilitarian space. You should not feel in transit in your own office, nor should you feel that your energy escapes you.

Your Objects

Like always when it comes to feng shui, keep away from clutter. A space that is free of unnecessary and cumbersome items translates into a lighter feel, a fresher mind and more energy. Hide your cables and other objects that may be necessary, but that make your space look cluttered. Avoid mirrors, since they reflect energy. When other people visit your office, this bouncing energy give you less control over what happens in your own space.

Your Bagua

Don’t forget about the bagua of your office. Use your own positioning within the office, together with some feng shui cures to channel the energy you need and to achieve your purpose. For instance, if your computer is the way you generate income, place it in the Southeast (or wealth) area. A metal object in the West area or a calming water feature in the North will catalyze the energy of these native elements for an ideal energy flow.

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