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Flowing Design of YoStory Frozen Yogurt Shop – Commercial Interior Design News

Unique Yogurt Shop Interior Design

frozen yogurt shop design

This Australian frozen yogurt shop chain interior designer uses shapes, contrast, and bright lighting to make the most out of the creative design.

frozen yogurt shop interior

The crispiness of the white counters against the curved flowing walls portrays the feeling of cleanliness and whimsy.

The layout of this store is simple and quite ingenious. The minimal amount of furnishings on the inside of the store allows shoppers the freedom of movement. This “lunch line” type of island in the center of the store is easily accessible.

frozen yogurt shop design

The colors of the walls range from hues of peach that blend into a light yellow and then blend again into a green hue which are brand colors of YoStory. The lighting from the ceiling helps to enhance these colors against the rest of the interior.

frozen yogurt shop design

The lighting in the YoStory store is the key to the success of the overall interior design. The down lighting shines from the ceiling on the white floor and counters with toppings.  Back lighting behind the curved wall panels create unique shadows within the design making it flow.  The yogurt shop designer OROdesign has created a successful design which is inviting and refreshing and stands out from your typical yogurt shop design.

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