Designer: YOD design Studio and Ilya Nepravda
All photos: Andrey Avdeenko 

There are interior design projects that amaze with their ingenuity and uniqueness. The WOKA fast food kiosk in Poltava, Ukraine, offers one of those teachable moments that makes one see construction materials in a whole new way.

The result of a fruitful collaboration between YOD Design Studio and graphic designer Ilya Nepravda, the food kiosk exterior evokes the look of a bamboo forest, with vertical rays of light finding their way through the woody mass.

The concept is very appropriate for an Asian-cuisine food kiosk, but the idea goes beyond the obvious connection with the exotic East. The exterior is meant to be an attention-grabbing device or, in other terms, to offer a bit of a visual shock that would open the interest (and only then the appetite) of passers-by.

An objective that was clearly achieved. Covered entirely with horizontal kraft paper tubes, this eco-friendly kiosk exterior makes use of a slight and carefully calculated asymmetry. Some tubes raise above the structure, some seem to hang on the side, while LED lights peek through the short ones.

The diagonal slits are reminiscent of the machete cuts after bamboo harvesting and reveal the structure of the paper tubes, very similar to that of bamboo stalks. The LED lights suggest the light peeping through a wild bamboo forest and are also used to create whimsical shapes of light on the side of the kiosk.

Even with the use of this non-glamorous material, the kiosk does not suffer from any lack of color. The counter is painted in vibrant red, a color that we find again in the design of the tables and chairs, unifying the space. On each side of the table, cylindrical elements evoke the paper tube construction, another way of bringing the whole design together.

If the façade of a commercial venue is an important part in branding, the WOKA food kiosk did it right. It manages to both create a general feel for the type of food served here and be different in a good way.

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