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Today I would like to introduce one of the most fascinating contemporary types of art – Fractal Imagery. Fractal imagery is a relatively young yet already rich field.  Though different from traditional artmaking, this digital approach still accommodates a well-developed esthetic sense.  Mastery of this new toolset permits results perfecting form, color, surface decoration, texture, and composition.  Michael Sussna was the first fractal imagery artist I’ve met and I wanted to use his work in my interiors as soon as possible!

Fractal Imagery

Michael’s process is akin to sculpting, then painting the sculpture. In his work he explores undiscovered worlds of exotic scenery filled with exquisite shapes in colorful profusion.  This adventure in the wilds of magical fractal imagery is made possible by and is a reflection of the beauty of mathematics.  These intricate designs serve as snapshots capturing panoramas from the limitless uncharted realms of inner space.   Michael describes his imagery as geometric yet organic.

Fractal Imagery

Michael’s extensive body of work spans a number of styles and looks. In fact, there is variety and choice along many dimensions.  Coloring ranges from black and white to sepia to soft colors to vivid colors.  Design complexity ranges from quite simple to highly intricate.  Any type of a business could benefit from using his images on walls in any type of application.
Dimensionality ranges from 2D color fields to 3D photorealism.  Geometry ranges from linear to organic.  Physical manifestation can utilize a variety of surface materials including canvas, paper, metal, vinyl, 3-Form and ceramic tile.  Presentation is flexible, e.g. using framed vs. gallery-wrapped canvas, clear vs. frosted vinyl, infused metal vs. metallic paper, and so on.

Fractal Imagery by Michal Sussna Corporate Office Interior

Design of a dining room in a corporate office of Hamilton Sundstrand with Michael Sussna’s Art.  Design by Mindful Design consulting.

Michael’s motivation is twofold – pleasing himself and pleasing others.  He enjoys exploring and discovering new vistas within the abstract world of fractal interplay as well as crafting viable results challenging his intuition and skills. Sharing the fruits of these labors of love brings even more enjoyment. To hear the wow’s and see people’s eyes light up with delight is quite fulfilling for him.

Fractal Imagery

Many viewers of Michael’s work are satisfied with the end results, while others probe into the process. The conversation often starts with people asking if his images are made using an airbrush or acrylic paint, since they often look like paintings. When he tells them that he uses a computer and that the images are created entirely with mathematics, some get glazed eyes and move on, but others are only further intrigued.  A rare few even perceive the spiritual component of the experience for him, and potentially for themselves as well. They see how the process involves exploring the very real world of the abstract. This ordinarily hidden dimension of the world contains a wealth of beauty and perfection. Michael’s work provides an accessible way to connect with this reflection of divinity via its infinity and mathematical magic.

Fractal Art By Michael Sussna

Michael grew up in New Jersey.  On his journey he has acquired a BA in Philosophy, an MS in Computer Science, and a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Cognitive Science.  He began creating fractal fine art in 1985 and founded Mathemagical Images in 2003.

Fractal Imagery

To see more images of Michael Sussna click HERE.  You can also contact him personally for your next creative project: [email protected]

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