We’ve been working with our tenant improvement clients FOR YEARS helping them to improve their business spaces. We’ve decided to give you something that will cut your coffee shop opening time in half! AND we’re about to email it to you right now!

This Business Plan will help you to:

  • Speed up your coffee shop opening process
  • Get financing from the bank or investors fast
  • Create a formula for a successful coffee shop which can be duplicated
  • Save valuable time on research
  • Save money on buying a business plan or on hiring someone to write it
  • Help you plan your start up expenses right from the start
  • See a typical coffee shop menu
  • See an operational structure of a typical coffee shop
  • Learn how to create a demographic analysis for your location
  • Help you through the initial marketing strategy planning
  • Give you a typical equipment schedule
  • Show you what goes into the branding process
  • Educate you about space design and remodeling process
  • See what’s involved in opening and running your own successful coffee shop!

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