Today I would like to introduce a new yogurt shop design by Rick Thompon, Newport Beach architect, CA. His design attracted my attention because of its daring bright colors and fresh yogurt shop design ideas.

Yogurt shop design ideas

I really like the combination of the bright orange color and green and blue contrasting accent colors on the walls of the store.  The space is well lit, even the counter has strip lighting creating a nice glow on flooring next to it.

Yogurt shop interior design ideas

Glass panels with “creamy” patterns divide overall larger spaces and add a nice element to the design.  The panels also throw swirly shadows on the ceiling.

Yogurt shop interior colors

The menu is very simple, it displays one price in large letters.

Yogurt shop lighting interior

My favorite element of this yogurt shop design is this patterned gyp board with lighting above it.  Overall it’s a nicely done yogurt shop design with some fresh trendy ideas.

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