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Yogurt Store Design Signage

This frisky frozen yogurt shop in London has been designed with summertime in mind, from the picture perfect glass floor, the LED changing colors ceiling to the colorful flowers on the walls. Everything flows together and makes the shop fresh and inviting to its consumers.

Yogurt Store Design Facade

Before entering the shop you will be welcomed by the Fascia Signage panel in pink acrylic over a brightly lit store window giving a glimpse of the inside.  It reminds me of picking into a colorful flower garden.  Stepping into the shop is where the summertime experience begins… The white glass walls are covered with a garden of flowers.

Yogurt Store Design colors

The stools look like shitake mushrooms, and work well with the Marble tables emphasizing the look and feel of a garden. You almost want to wait for the occasional garden creature to amble across your path here!

Yogurt Store Furniture

The movement, color and speed of the digitally captured clouds, depend on the time of day. Making the store even more appealing, and adjusting the mood of the store as well it all comes together at the back of the store with the bright pink backdrop for the stores brand color.

Yogurt Store Brand Colors

Yogurt Store Branding Colors

Yogurt Store Design

Changing colors at different times of a day makes this place always look new.

Yogurt Store Signage

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