Dessert bar design in orange, pink and aquamarine blue

In May 2024, residents of Prescott, Arizona, will have a sweet reason to celebrate: Mango Bliss Dessert Bar will open its doors to all lovers of ice cream, yogurt and gelato with refined tastes and eager appetites. The name is fitting: The shop promises “bliss in every bite,” while its menu suggests a large variety of desserts you can indulge in, including “blissful bites” of cookies, seasonal treats, delicious shakes and custom desserts.

We worked with Mango Bliss to prepare for this happy event and to create a dessert bar interior design that fits their vision. We dreamed up an equally “blissful” space, where vibrant colors satisfy the eye, where the space allows for easy movement, and where details tell a story, always offering something new to discover.

Large neon signs and beautiful LED lights in dessert bar design

We adopted a layered strategy concerning colors. Built upon a neutral combination of white, black and soft earthy tones, the Mango Bliss chromatic palette uses the power of complementary pairs, with orange and aquamarine blue complementing each other, and with pink accents providing the final chromatic punch by emphasizing central design elements.

We used blocks of color to define architectural details or functional areas, allowing for patterns only to the extent that the materials used permitted. This strategy helped create a clean space, with little visual weight, and ample opportunities to reflect and magnify natural light.

Dessert bar seating area with beautiful configuration of circular chandeliers

Three separate seating areas offer clients various seating options. Lined up in an orderly row against the wall, pedestal tables and modern, enveloping chairs sit under pink and blue LED arches that create the illusion of distinct spots despite the open space. A larger table welcomes larger groups of customers, while a counter-height table and bar stools take advantage of all the available space and street views simultaneously. The minimalist approach to furniture selection helps maximize space and keeps the store looking modern and fresh.

General view of a colorful dessert bar interior

We extensively use elements of design to emphasize a store’s products, including textures, “fruity” colors, and flowing, layered shapes evoking those of beloved desserts. Mango Bliss is no exception. The unique look of the epoxy flooring, with its shiny swirls of color, call to mind images of delicious ice cream and yogurt. The curved walls and layered look of the soffits and counters are not only meant to create a more inviting, friendly and welcoming ambiance, but also to call to suggest images of scrumptious treats. 

Entrance to the dessert shop, and three seating areas

We appreciate the concept of parallelism in the use of materials and architectural elements, as it generates cohesive designs and a delightful experience. In the Mango Bliss dessert bar design, the same textural vertical stripes extend from the counter to the self-serve area and from the soffits to the paneled wall across it.

Above each ice cream machine, colorful images indicate the ice cream flavors, serving simultaneously as additional wall decor. Track lights keep the area well-lit, while neon signs in pastel colors create a sense of fun and celebration.

The ceiling’s architecture and landscape are far from being the typical ignored element of commercial design. Strong contrasting blocks of colors, flowing curved soffits, and a combination of materials give it more height, visual complexity and draw the eye upward. LED lights create the optical illusion of even more architectural details, such as the curved lines that grace the wall above the merchandise shelves and the large Mango Bliss logo.

Self-serve area with multiple ice-cream machines

A mirror placed above the prep counter makes its own contribution to visually enlarge the space. At the end of the hallway, an orange wall signals the entrance to the restroom, making it easy to locate.

All throughout the store, a combination of track lighting, light pendants and recessed lights creates a layered look that has a triple role and effect: It generously illuminates the space, it emphasizes different functional areas or elements of design, and it creates a pleasant and warm ambiance. One of the most stunning additions is the configuration of circular chandeliers above the dining areas. Elegant and eye-catching, it seems suspended in mid-air and visually ties together all the curved lines of the space. 

The natural light that enters through the large windows and the one provided by the neon signs and LED accents bring in an additional layer of illumination.

Entrance to the restroom, marked by an orange wall

Defined by its hot pink base against the crisp white honeycomb wall tile, the counter is the visual focus of the store. Spherical pink pendants descend over its Corian countertop, giving the imaginative mind a reason to think of the legendary cherry on top of a luscious cake.

Curved counter with Corian countertops and a hot pink base

We used the same design principles and materials in designing the restroom, with only slight variations. Here, the epoxy floors withtheir swirl pattern are black-and-white, in high contrast with the white honeycomb wall tile. 

Black-and-white restroom as a part of a colorful dessert bar design

A few colorful wall accents and the blue diagonal stripes on the ceiling bring this space to life. Well-lit by recessed lights, the restroom is further enhanced by the glossy surfaces that allow light to bounce around and multiply.

Striped ceiling and colorful wall accents in restroom design

Right at the entrance of the store, a green wall paired with a swing offers an interesting background to another “hashtag” neon light. It is an invitation extended to all the Mango Bliss customers to spread the word and talk about their experience on social media, which is a smart and efficient marketing strategy.

Defined by its fun colors, rich textures, curved lines and unapologetic neon signs, the Mango Bliss dessert bar design is another way of attracting customers, along with the store’s mouthwatering desserts.

Materials board for the Mango Bliis dessert bar design

Dessert bar design: Mindful Design Consulting
All images: Mindful Design Consulting

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