Fun industrial-style barstools with an oak-and-steel construction

One of the best parts of an interior design project is perusing furniture options for your restaurant, store or office. The possibilities are endless and may spark your imagination about what the interior of your business could look like. Below, there are a few fun furniture ideas that allow you to imagine an unconventional space, make the most of your small square footage, or solve a few interior design challenges that you might have.

Photo above: Arki-Stool from Pedrali

Modular furniture is an excellent option if you need to change the placement of your furniture often, or if you want to create configurations that perfectly fit your space. Modular seating options like the BAU easy chairs and ottomans from the Lammhults collection come with the added benefit of an atypical shape that creates the impression of a soft, pliable body.

Fun modular furniture including chairs and ottomans with a "pliable" appearance

BAU furniture from Sandler Seating

While great as free-standing pieces, the BAU furniture pieces can come together in a curved sofa, with a length and shape that you can choose on a whim. This offers you great flexibility and opportunities for fun arrangements.

Modular furniture arranged into a sofa configuration

BAU furniture from Sandler Seating

Even the look of a simple chair can be adjusted according to your preferences. The Shell lounge chair has much more going for it than its unusual yet pleasant appearance and strong organic undertones. Inspired by the shape of a body with its spine and vertebrae allowing for great weight distribution, the Shell can be filled with more or fewer pillows, helping you create the look you want and adjust the chair to your own level of comfort.

Shell-shaped wood chair that functions as a fun pillow container

The Shell Lounge Chair by Branca

If you are fascinated by the 3D printing possibilities, here is your chance to mix your passion for new technology with that for interior design. The Chaise Longue Motif uses UPM Formi 3D, a sustainable material of wood-based cellulose fibers, printed in added layers. The curved, futuristic shape looks inviting in both indoor and outdoor settings, while the material is durable enough for outdoor use. 

Elegnat and modern 3D -printed chaise longue with an elongated curved shape

Chaise Longue Motif from Reform Design Lab

Space-saving double-sided sofas have the potential to become excellent centerpieces due to their usual placement in the center of a space. The customizable Star sofa takes full advantage of this central role and offers the eye a graceful curved shape with an organic look, all dressed in the material you can choose. The back of the sofa creates a sense of fluidity and dynamism that can revitalize the look of an interior that has mostly static, angular lines.

Double-sided sofa with curved lines and atypical shape

Star Double-sided Sofa from Sandler Seating

If you are looking for modern pieces of furniture that give you both flexibility and a unique character, the Boa Pouf by Sabine Marcelis may be your choice. Even though calling to mind the banal donut, its shape gives this piece a sculptural appearance, managing to create a space that is both elegant and casual. The soft pouf is covered in a shape-knit textile material and can be used for sitting, supporting backs, raising or propping legs, or simply as a movable piece for on-the-spot seating configurations.

Donut-shaped poufs of different colors as fun furniture ideas for a hip-looking commercial space

Boa Sulfur Pouf from Burke Decor

If truly fun furniture ideas is what you are looking for, you’ve found one! These soft poufs borrow all they can from the look of river stones, except their hardness. Filled with durable, eco-friendly and hypoallergenic holofiber, and covered with natural wool, these handmade pieces are warm and luxurious, unlike the source of their inspiration. The name of “The Conference Set” says it all: It suggests arrangements that call for socializing, human interaction and good times.

Set of 7 stone-shaped poufs covered in natural wool as a fun furniture idea for flexible commercial spaces

Soft Stone Poufs by Katsustone on Etsy

To take your casual office, bar or cafe from commonplace to exciting, a simple change of the seating options may be enough. The Arki-Stool gives you the full functionality of a swivel barstool with a gas lift device and adjustable height, and pairs it with a steel footrest that adds an artistic geometric beauty to the solid oak construction. While the style remains industrial, the look is softened by the warmth of the material and color choices.

Industrial-style barstool improved by a fun shape and color

Arki-Stool from Pedrali

For small spaces where every inch counts, the Meiiron wall-mounted cocktail table is a lifesaver. With a stone top on a steel frame, this round table takes up no floor space and is ideal for creating seating areas unconstrained by square footage or traditional patterns. It can be a cool and easy addition to a layered bench seating configuration or play the role of a hip piece in a small dessert shop.

Space-saving wall-mounted round table for bars or cafes

Meiiron Round Bar Table from Amazon

No list of fun furniture ideas would be complete without at least one accent piece that brings in the finishing touch. These acrylic vases in rainbow colors are far from the typical concept of a vase design. Transparent yet vibrant, they bring in color without the bulky feel. Surprising in their design, they can be used as vases, pieces of decor for your restaurant tables, or (why not?) as menu holders.

Acrylic vases to add as accents to fun furniture ideas in commercial interiors

Rainbow Color Acrylic Vases from Khollect

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