Stylish bird-cage decals against white wall

With the change in seasons and the coming of fall, there is a lot to look forward to in the next months. One of our favorite holiday is Halloween – something that we have never been apologetic about! So here is our yearly reminder that the time for fun Halloween decor is fast approaching, and a few ideas you could use in your office, restaurant or store to put your customers in the appropriate mood.  

Photo above: Bird Cages with Ravens Halloween Wall Decals from Wordy Bird Studio on Etsy

Just because fall is here doesn’t mean you have to say good-bye to summer flowers. In fact, you can combine your interest in nature with your love for Halloween, and allow them to come together in a vase full of Halloween sunflowers. Creepiness intended.

Halloween sunflowers with skull details

Skull Sunflowers from Shopping Cult Home & Decor on Etsy

Window decals are a must for inspiring just the right amount of Halloween fear in guests, clients or passers-by. These ones may be just what you need for a bit of seasonal refresh.

Scary window decals for fun night-time display

Halloween Window Decal from Harbor Design Co on Etsy

Treats are always appreciated, especially during the Halloween season. These cauldron pots with witch feet could put your employees in a good mood or win your clients’ heart before they even step into your building.

Cauldron candy pots with witch legs for fun Halloween decor

Halloween Cauldron Candy Bowl from The Wooden Owl on Etsy

If you’re leaning more towards giving them the chills instead, this charming group of faceless witches may do the trick. At night, turn on the switch and make their heads glow.

Three witches with glowing heads for outdoor Halloween decor

Light-up Witches with Stakes from Kiss Me With Passion on Etsy

A simple way to bring a smile to your clients or employees’ faces is this parking sign with a clear message. Place it at your entrance to see them wonder for a second, and for a charming farmhouse touch.

Fun broom parking signage for farmhouse interiors

Broom Witch Sign from Shop Studio K Design on Etsy

If you need to convey a “wear your mask” message, you might as well let this hand-painted plaque do the talking. 

Wear your mask hand-painted plaque for fun Halloween decor

“Wear Your Mask” Halloween Decor from Renfields Attic on Etsy

The best Halloween decorations are always the creepy ones. This attribute is generously displayed by these reaching-hand hooks that have the added advantage of being perfectly funcional. They come in different syles (or hand gestures) and can hold small objects and even lightweight coats. 

Reaching-hand creepy hooks with functional role

Halloween Horror Hands Decor from 3D Deluxe Store on Etsy

If creepiness is what you’re going for, here is your sure-fire ticket. This high-quality vintage reproduction print is ready to be framed and displayed. The photo is the result of an effort to make historical images available to the public. For a greater impact, a wall gallery is an even better solution. 

Creepy black-and-white vintage photo for Halloween celebrations

Creepy Halloween Vintage Photo from Old Vintage Photo on Etsy

For an elegant touch that makes a point without the intense creepy factor, these gracefully detailed bird-cage wall decals provide just the right amount of chic. If you are into gothic decor, you can even use them year round and fill a blank spot on your wall.

Elegant bird-cage wall decals for Halloween displays

Bird Cages with Ravens Halloween Wall Decals from Wordy Bird Studio on Etsy

Finally, a more innocent yet still fun Halloween decor piece is this adorable yarn-ghost garland. Simple and ready to give your space an instant Halloween feel, it is perfect to use as a quick banner or for a child-friendly area without spooky undertones. 

Simple and fun Halloween decor with yarn-tassel ghosts

Halloween Ghost Garland from Little Knot Boutique on Etsy

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