Lighted Christmas present boxes as holiday business decor

With the holidays fast approaching, it’s not too soon to start thinking about how to prepare your business for the joyful winter celebrations. Using this time of the year to create a warm, festive ambiance is a smart way to give your place an inexpensive upgrade with just a few accents, ornaments and decorative tricks. During long winter days, people love feeling warm and safe indoors, so this is your chance to make them feel comfortable and willing to stick around, with just a handful of holiday business decor pieces.

Photo above: Christmas Present Box Decor from Cisne Beau on Etsy

Yes, you may set up a Christmas tree in your restaurant or store, and call it a day. However, if your space is too small to allow it or too large for your tree to make a difference, you have many other options.

Window Decals

Let’s start with your entrance and store windows. One of the easiest and cheapest way to decorate them for the season is to use window decals. They require little effort to put together, allow you to create your own displays with unique combinations, and have a great visual impact.

Snowflake decor in restaurant window

Winter Decals from TheVinylGraphixGeek on Etsy

Snowflakes, snowmen, globe ornaments, Christmas trees are just a few themes that you can choose from. Remember that these decals do not have to be strident or overwhelming. If you prefer a subtle, graceful look, a monochrome option is the best. While red and green are classic go-to colors for the winter season, simple white decor comes with an unmatched elegance and versatility.

Christmas Ornament Decals in Restaurant Window

Vinyl Holiday Decor from TheVinylGraphixGeek on Etsy

Decals don’t have to fill your entire window. In fact, you should use them more as an accent piece to the products you sell instead of allowing them to take over. Here is an example of a Christmas tree decal that does the job  without overwhelming the window.

Christmas tree decal as store window decor

Christmas Tree Window Decals from MiniWallArt on Etsy

A simple message on your front door may be all you need if you have a small restaurant or store. 

Merry Christmas decal on business window

Merry Christmas Store Window Decals from Design Sharc on Etsy

Winter Decorations

Inside the store, you can continue the theme you chose when you selected your window decals. If you prefer a wintery snowflake decor, a few of these wooden accent pieces placed on shelves, on the counter, or even as centerpieces on the tables may easily change the ambiance of your interior.

Wooden snowflake set for holiday business decor

Country Snowflake Decor from Sweet Love Blooms on Etsy

If you prefer your holiday business decor to have a more animated look, reindeer decorations bring in the right amount of seasonal cheer and cuteness. 

Wooden reindeer accents on mantel

Christmas Reindeer from Paisley Poppy Designs on Etsy

Of course, nothing is as eye-catching and effective than combining Christmas decor pieces with lights. You can place these Christmas present box decorations under a Christmas tree or by a fireplace – if you have any of these – or even in your window, by your front counter, or throughout your store. There is something about the appearance of a Christmas present box nicely put together that makes your customers light up and think about the many joys of the season. 

Lighted Christmas boxes used as business decor for holidays

Christmas Present Box Decor from Cisne Beau on Etsy


Garland always look festive and highly decorative. Depending on the one you choose, they can also take less space to store  and, due to their lenght and body, can easily make a statement. If you are going for a subtle, elegant look, a simple beaded garland that brings lights into the mix is a simple yet effective choice.

Using red beaded elegant garland as holiday business decor

Festive Lighted Berry Beaded Garland from Decorations by Rosebud on Etsy

For a neutral, toned-down holiday business decor, white, grey and beige can successfully replace bright colors. When spiced up with some sparkling pieces, the celebratory look is magically there.

Elegant garland in neutral colors for holiday decor

Neutral Christmas Garland from JuJuBee Goods on Etsy

Felt garlands are extremely versatile and allow for plenty of color choices or themes. This peppermint-candy one is definitely a Christmas piece, even if the colors are rather atypical. Felt garlands have the additional benefit of being easy to carry and install, thanks to their light weight. 

Peppermint candy felt garland as Christmas business decor

Peppermint Candy Felt Ball Garland from JuJuBee Goods on Etsy


As large pieces displayed in highly visible areas, banners are very effective in making a point, even when this is just a simple feel-good Christmas message. 

Large Merry Christmas banner in front of building

Merry Christmas Banner from JNCAccessory on Etsy

However, banner also give you the chance to send a customized, well-tailored message or to advertise your events in a fun and easy way. 

Santa Clause banner advetising event and displayed on front fence

Santa Run Vinyl Banner from TrophyDepot on Etsy


Nothing can change the ambiance of your space like a handful of lights carefully chosen and strategically placed throughout your restaurant or store. Lights are a must when it comes to holiday business decor. First, with longer nights and colder weather, people crave the visual comfort they offer. Second, you can use them to subtly illuminate different corners and create a more intimate atmosphere. Third, they come in endless configurations that can match your particular Christmas theme, like these starburst lights with a convenient remote control for ease of use.

Starburst lights used as holiday business decor above restaurant table

LED Starburst Christmas Lights from Accentibles on Etsy

We have often talked about neon lights and their awesome Instagrammable virtues. Christmas is a great time to incorporate one into your commercial decor and offer your customers a festive background for their selfies.

Merry Christmas neon sign as holiday decor for businesses

Merry Christmas Neon Sign from NeonDancing on Etsy

String lights are not only for indoor use, but an easy way to bring in the light without the need for much else other than a humble plug.

Snowman string lights on Christmas tree

Snowman String Lights from GlasspooleCo on Etsy

Christmas Uniforms

When you decorate for the holidays, don’t forget that your employees are your greatest asset. Fun Christmas shirts used as uniforms and paired with excellent customer service skills as well as a charming personality are an excellent way to infuse your business with some holiday cheer.

Fun Grinch t-shirt as uniform for restaurant employees

Merry Christmas Shirt from AuroradesignNY on Etsy

The choices are plentiful, regardless of the theme you choose. Do not overlook the simple t-shirt as another chance to create a festive look for your business, that is highly appealing to customers during the holiday season.

Winter-themed t-shirts as fun uniforms for store employees

“Baby It’s Cold Outside” Shirt from AuroradesignNY on Etsy

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