White coat racks shaped as trees

Every now and then, a designer comes up with a novel furniture idea that sparks the imagination of those who create and decorate commercial interiors. Some of these furniture pieces use surprising materials, others come in unexpected shapes, and many offer ingenious solutions to common problems. And then, there are some that are simply fun. Below, we put together a short list of such pieces that you could use as fun restaurant furniture or simply as inspiration.

Photo above: Godot Coat Rack by Plust. Designer: Alberto Brogliato. Via archiproducts.com

What to do, however, if you want to design a unique restaurant space, are looking for furniture with character, but the price is prohibitive? Remember that even a few such pieces interspersed between your other furniture items can make an impact. In fact, sometimes too much of a good thing can have the reverse effect and become visually exhausting. When considering furniture with a unique look, you may want to allow it to shine among other familiar designs. 

Here are a few ideas.

A modern or contemporary cafe in need of color and some orderly lines can make use of tables with perfect geometric shapes. The Mini Clay Coffee Table by Desalto, available in both indoor and outdoor versions, has an eye-catching silhouette that can look as perfectly at home in a comfortable lounge as in a hip coffee shop with atypical seating. 

Fun geometric coffee tables with conical base and round top

Mini Clay Coffee Table by Desalto. Designer: Marc Krusin.Via archiproducts.com

If you take pride in your nature-inspired restaurant interior or just need a quirky piece to get a smile out of your customers, pair your tables with some fun coat racks. The Godot Coat Rack by Plust has even a central pocket in the shape of a tree hollow to make sure your belongings are ouf of the way.

Tree-shaped coat racks that can serve as fun restaurant furniture

Godot Coat Rack by Plust. Designer: Alberto Brogliato. Via archiproducts.com

For a kid-friendly restaurant, dessert shop or ice-cream store, animal-inspired furniture is always a win. The charming Rabbit collection by Qeeboo consists in a tree table and chairs for both adults and children. The table has two “branches”: When kids are present, the lower one can serve as a table; when not, it is the perfect place for a purse or bag. Customers can lean against the “ears” of the chairs or simply ride the chairs and use the “ears” as armrests.

Fun restaurant furniture collection with tree-shaped table and rabbit-shaped chairs

Rabbit Tree Table, Rabbit Chair Velvet and Rabbit Chair Baby Velvet by Qeeboo. Designer: Stefano Giovannoni. Via archiproducts.com

Fun restaurant furniture does not imply lack of elegance. On the contrary, you can amuse your customers with the most sophisticated furniture pieces. The Filicudi Chair by Qeeboo succeds in doing just that. Depending on the color you choose, the chair can call to mind the pebbles of a river or the leaves of a cactus, providing you with an excellent way to emphasize the theme of your restaurant without being too conspicuous. 

Cactus-shaped green chair for nature-inspired restaurant interiors

Filicudi Chair by Qeeboo. Designer: Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba. Via archiproducts.com

While not exactly furniture, the Gradient Modular Partitions by Plust offers a mobility very characteristic to it. Their modular construction allow you to change the configuration of your space at whim and divide your seating or functional areas by just moving the partitions around. The green color can help you create inspiring fantastical worlds, where they look as gigantic blades of grass or evoke the shape of shrubs or woods.

Green tall modular partitions as fun restaurant furniture allowing quick changes in space configuration

Gradient Modular Partitions by Plust. Designer: MUT Design Studio. Via archiproducts.com

For a perfect night ambience, light is your most important asset. When combined with fun restaurant furniture, the visual impact is evident. The Fade High Table by Plust has a ribbed surface and a texture that evoke the look of granite or stone. However, light gives it an almost ethereal presence much suited to a nocturnal experience. 

Illuminated furniture collection against dark background

Fade High Table by Plust. Designer: Marco Gregori. Via archiproducts.com

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