The seating options you choose for your restaurant, bar, cafe or dessert shop are not only functional considerations. Since chairs, benches, stools and barstools are the most prevalent pieces of furniture in your commercial space, they play an immense role in the final look of your interior. Their aesthetics are at least as important as their functionality, so you should pay serious attention to your options. Moreover, introducing some fun seating choices can transform your space from ordinary to cool and signal to your customers that they are about to experience something different.

Photo above: Cupcake Chairs from 2xhome

Some fun seating ideas that we enjoy? Here is, for instance, the Half Hurdle Barstool with its steel tube frame and legs, and solid wood seat. Besides its space-saving attributes, it introduces a unique aesthetic that draws inspiration from various styles: a subtle resemblance to a dining chair, a touch of rustic charm combined with the simplicity of minimalist design, and the elevated height of a barstool. The result is well-suited for modern and contemporary commercial designs and offers a smart combination of trendy and timeless. 

Fun seating around blue table in minimalist restaurant interior

Half Hurdle Barstool and Frankie Bar Table from Grand Rapids Chair

Chairs that use high-quality wire to give a cool twist to a simple design look fresh-faced and unique. These uncomplicated designs offer a great opportunity to introduce bold colors into your space. Whether you opt for pieces in vibrant shades or set neutral ones against other colorful furniture or dramatic walls, they can add a distinctive touch to your overall design.

Fun seating and table against colorful wall

Cafe Square Dining Table from 2Modern

The Lucy Side Chair follows the same idea – a detailed wire pattern filtered into a simple, airy design. Made from recyclable metal, the chair adds another level of value to spaces built on eco-friendly principles. 

Blue and orange armless side chairs with a playful design

Lucy Side Chair from 2Modern

If you have a taste for traditional design but need a more modern option for your restaurant or coffee shop, these chairs offer a great compromise. Stackable and available in neutral, pastel and rich shades, they retain the vibes of a classic dining chair but simplify it into a version that better fits a busy interior with high traffic.

Stackable chairs in a variety of deep and pastel colors

Armless Stacking Molded Dining Side Chairs from Overstock

Tube frames are not only excellent for small spaces, but can create attractive geometries that enhance the hip look of your cafe. Use them in combination with bold colors, and you get a spirited, energetic, yet uncluttered look.

Set of simpe table and chairs with pipe frames

From LikeMindedObjects

However, if you’re truly on the search for fun seating, consider even bolder options that send subliminal messages by virtue of their very shape. These charming Cupcake Chairs, for instance, have the ability to whet the appetite by their simple existence. Shaped like the much-beloved dessert, they not only provide the perfect seating option for a bakery or dessert shop but also anchor the space with their solid build and offer an unobstructed view of the area.

Fun cupcake chairs in yellow and blue in restaurant interior

Cupcake Chairs from 2xhome

The fun look of the Cupcake Chairs does not mean they are not suitable for elegant designs. On the contrary, when incorporated into sophisticated interiors, they offer the necessary balance that keeps the space fresh and youthful. In fact, incorporating playful pieces is an excellent way to emphasize, through contrast, the elegant lines and textures of a commercial space while introducing the surprise element that makes the interior design truly worthwhile.

Fun cupckae-shaped seating in an elegant cafe

Cupcake Chairs from 2xhome

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