With summer in full force, you may want to spruce up your restaurant’s outdoor area and get it ready for customers in search of fun and fresh air. From umbrellas that raise the cool factor of your place to picnic tables that are anything but rustic, we put together a list of outdoor restaurant furniture that you may use as a start in your furniture hunting. We chose some elegant pieces for a stylish hangout, but also some fun ones, very much in line with the cheerful summer months.  


Umbrellas are a must for an outdoor space in the summer. These commercial umbrellas from Bambrella have a refined look and an almost architectural frame. You can choose between steel-strong natural bamboo and durable rust-proof aluminum frames, both of which can withstand harsh weather. 

Beige Commercial Umbrellas in Restaurant Outdoor Area

Commercial umbrellas from Bambrella

Shade sails can create beautiful landscapes around your seating area, without inconveniencing your customers with umbrella poles. Shade sails from Shadescapes Americas allow you to create endless positioning using their sliding mechanism.

Sail Shades above Waterfront Restaurant Terrace

Shade sail from Shadescapes Americas

These retractable umbrellas from the same distributor use gas springs that make them easy to open and close.

Colorful Retractable Umbrella above Patio Seating Area

Retractable umbrella from Shadescapes Americas

When you need an umbrella that would make your customers smile, consider a polka-dot one. This Safavieh umbrella comes with fringes, for a look that mixes elegance and playfulness. 

Fun Polka Dot Umbrella for Outdoor Area

Safavieh Outdoor Sydney Umbrella from Overstock

If polka dots are not your thing, try stripes. This red-and-white umbrella with scalopped edges makes your outdoor area look playful and fun. 

Fun Striped Umbrella For Restaurant Patiio

California Umbrella Pagoda Striped Pacifica Patio Umbrella from Hayneedle

Patio heaters

If you are planning to purchase some patio heaters for those cool or breezy nights, choose one with some additional pizzazz. The Allison piece from Kindle Living has the elegance and the refined poise of a classic table lamp. In addition, it is handmade from recycled or recyclable materials. 

Allison heating and lighting from Kindle Living

The same concept takes another shape in the long silhouette of the Caroline patio heater.

Caroline heating and lighting from Kindle Living

The Spiral Flame patio heater offers a spectacular night show with its visible flame. More than just a functional piece, the heater turns into a visual and dynamic element of decor.

Spiral Flame Patio Heater from RJP Wholesale

Outdoor Restaurant Furniture

When choosing your commercial outdoor restaurant furniture, consider pieces that you can use all year round. Some, like the Hopper picnic table, may look made for outdoors, but integrating them into your indoor space not only unifies these two areas, but gives your restaurant a unique unexpected look. You can go as far as making these outdoor pieces your signature look, especially when they reinvent a classic furniture piece and bring it into the realm of modern tastes. 

The Hopper picnic table from Shadescapes Americas

The Opla chair is another example of a piece that can be used both inside and outside. Simple, colorful and stackable, the chair exhude a slightly nostalgic vibe.

Opla Outdoor Chair from Grand Rapids Chair

If you want to make your outdoor space truly unique, go for unexpected materials. These chairs by designer Gordon Guillaumier are made of a patented material that combines 90% aggregate materials and a cementitious binder. The result is furniture that has the strength of cement but a lightness that surprises.

Their simple solid shape and sculptural presence makes them easy to integrate into an outdoor setting.

Cannaregio Chair by Cimento from Archiproducts

For easy maintenance, consider this round outdoor table with integrated seats. No more chairs pushed aside or moved by the wind.

Octopus.015 table by Urbantime from Archiproducts

If you are craving color, try the Cortina.026 bench seating. It appealing simplicity paired with a convenient ground-fixing system and stackable built makes it an excellent choice for smaller spaces.

Cortina.026 Bench Seating by Urbantime from Archiproducts

While simplicity seem to also be the attribute of this garden sofa, its construction sligtly deviates from the typical built. The bent-pipe structure looks like the work of a minimalist artist, yet this piece is all about functionality and choice. An ergonomic seat and an armrest can be combined into the pieces you want, to accommodate your space. 

Zeroquindici.015 Modular Garden Sofa by Urbantime from Archiproducts

If lightness and simplicity is what you are looking for, you cannot gor wrong with the Eclipse wire chairs. These pieces bring in pattern and color, but they do it subtly and with flair. 


Eclipse Wire Chairs by Urbantime from Archiproducts

You may pair them with the Moontable pieces, for a perfectly minamlist approach to your outdoor area. Both chairs and tables are easily stackable. 

Moontable by Urbantime from Archiproducts

Finally, if you need an easy solution for the outdoor space of your family restaurant and want to bring some soft curves into the equation, The Virus 5-Seater is a compact piece of restaurant patio furniture that evokes the feel and look of a picnic table. 

Virus 5-Seater by Extremis from Archiproducts

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