Designer: MVSA Architects
All photos: Jeroen Musch via

In the typical store, shoes are usually treated and displayed as simple products, without any special thought to how their shape or color interact with the interior design of the space. It is as if these functional pieces only ask for functional spaces, so the customers end up seeing shoes as simple objects that will soon hit the pavement.

However, shoes have the potential to become more than that. At least this is what the Shoebaloo flagship store in Amsterdam seems to suggest. Designed by the Dutch firm MVSA Architects, the interior of this luxury shoe and accessories store is a futuristic background against which shoes look like veritable pieces of art.

The interior is designed using HI-MACS® acrylic stone, a thermoformable material that allows for the construction of an atypical display, with seamless joints and a sleek look. The conventional rectangular shelves are replaced by wavy HI-MACS® ones, of different sizes, heights and shapes, combined in such a way that the contours of the display ensemble are never uniform, nor predictable.

Striving for a cohesive design, the curves continue into the ceiling, the floor patterns and even the custom-designed seating. The simple chromatic scheme is dominated by white, which, combined with the localized integrated lighting, puts the emphasis on the shoes.

While the curves continue horizontally along the walls of the store, the vertical structures retain the same smooth contours. At the far end of the shop, an elliptical window houses accessories, while the curved front window is an open invitation to explore.

This is indeed a design that creates a sense of adventure. While ample space is devoted to each piece, allowing the eye to move easily from one shoe to another and truly appreciate its beauty, the uneven placement of the shoes is strangely refreshing. Customers peruse the perimeter of the store not knowing what the next shelf has to offer – in what light, what shape and what arrangement.

Even more, the design invites customers to sit down and enjoy the beauty of each piece, as they would enjoy a work of art. This is not the only Shoebaloo store that distinguishes itself by its extraordinary design. The Shoebaloo luxury products deserve a home worthy of their quality – and they consistently get it.

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