Cafe Interior Design

Cafe Interior Design

Tobias Rehberger, who also  teaches sculpture at the Städelschule in Frankfurt, is one of the most remarkable contemporary German artists. His work is always on the borderline between art, design, and architecture.  And this coffee shop interior design is one of the perfect examples of his fascinating work.

Cafe Interior Design

For the featured cafe called Palazzo delle Esposizioni, which is located in Venice, Tobias Rehberger created a futurist atmosphere where the wall pattern in combination with the funky seating arrangement shocks visitors with an overload of geometric and reflective surfaces.

Coffee Shop Interior Design

His environment, the artist points out, represents “The things you love also make you cry” statement. It’s definitely not your everyday cafe you go to get your morning coffee from, it’s an experience on itself!

See another striking optical illusion cafe interior design by Tobias Rehberger HERE.

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