You are probably aware of YouTube Videos being watched by thousands of people on the Internet.  Have you ever thought about having YOUR own business on a video? What would you say if it was for FREE? If you are a restaurant, a spa or a hotel owner you know that it is very important to be seen by your customers on line.  Even if you have an office, you can benefit from this offer!

Mindful Design Consulting is in a process of a big marketing campaign on the internet and we would like to be the first ones to feature YOUR newly remodeled business on  YouTube!

Retail Store Design

This offer is absolutely FREE for you which means you will receive a free VIDEO of your business: before your remodel, the remodeling design process and your space after it’s finished.

Believe it or not, a lot of business owners still do not understand the importance of a holistic design process before starting any type of construction for their business.  Large restaurants or salons starting their work with a contractor dictating what colors to put on walls or what light fixtures to select.  We are trying to show the importance of a qualified designer being involved on any project from the start with these videos. These videos will also promote your branding and share your uniqueness.

Contact us with your project! You will receive any Design Service you need as well as a complementary professionally done Video of your space for your use with no limitations. Just send us a quick note with the name of your business and your name or leave a reply down below with your questions. We are looking forward to talking to you!

Free Video

Read HERE for more information on this offer.

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    Leon Kalayjian says:

    We are an insurance agency that insures a few branding, internet content companies. If you would like a competitive quote on your insurance needs, and understand the risks involved in an online business, we would be glad to speak wtih you.

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