Maybe it’s the fast approaching Valentine’s Day that makes our sweet tooth act up again, or maybe it’s just our old hobby of looking for new desserts to try. Either way, we collected here a few of the latest dessert trends both for our own satisfaction and to remind you that a new take on an old treat can make your customers line up at your door. As many successful dessert shop owners have learned, even one special dessert on your menu is enough to spread the world and make you famous. Whether you find inspiration in your heritage, your travels or even your indecisions, daring to be different may pay off. 

Photo above: Taiyaki ice cream by Somisomi

To start on the right footing, let’s first contemplate the superb potential of fruits. These popsicles by Jessica Gavin are a no-guilt treat made with five ingredients or less, missing the artificial additives and bringing fruit purees and fruit juices together.

Fruit popsicles by Jessica Gavin

An interesting combination of matcha and tiramisu turns this well-known dessert into a feast for the eyes. Nami from Just One Cookbook loves both and decided to bring them together.

Matcha Tiramisu by Just One Cookbook

The Korean ice cream-filled Ah-Boong fish waffle is SomiSomi’s signature dessert and a sight to hold. The filling goes from chocolate and raspberry to matcha, sesame and coffee.

Taiyaki ice cream by SomiSomi

Taiyaki NYC’s ice-cream fish cones are not only delicious, but perfectly Instagrammable – and one of our favorite latest dessert trends. 

Taiyaki ice cream by Taiyaki NYC

If you think that donuts deserve their own food group, we agree. To populate this group, new ways to treat or shape them have emerged. In fact, donuts are making a strong comeback in dessert shops, in reinvented shapes and forms. Here are some raspberry and white chocolate donuts to give color to your mornings. 

Glazed donuts. Via Pinterest

And who said that donuts are not an elegant dessert? These lemon and rose-donuts beg to differ. Rose water, lemon icing and dried rose buds make these beauties worthy of the most sophisticated displays. 

Lemon and rose doughnuts via

Heart-shaped donuts like these vanilla ones –  dipped in melted white and dark chocolate and delicately decorated – turn a mundane dessert into a romantic display. 

Vanilla donuts by Via Pinterest

While the traditional cinnamon churro coating is enough to make everyone happy, the happiness level is likely to increase when new coatings are added. Nuts, chocolate and shredded coconut are some ideas that we appreciate. Of course, sprinkles make everything better.

Sweet churros. Via Pinterest

For those who believe that “it’s what’s on the inside that counts”, these Spanish fritters – churro’s gourmet cousin and winners of a “Best in LA” award – must be immensely satisfying. Vanilla and chocolate filling are not the only options. Among many others, peanut butter, tiramisu and even maple bacon are interesting alternatives. 

Sweet Churros from Xooro. Via If It’s Hip It’s Here

If you cannot decide between croissants and ice cream when you are trying to assuage your sweet tooth, fear no more. The problem has been successfully solved by these dessert-filled croissants from Churned Creamery. Ideal for a breakfast when you guiltily dream of dessert, or for a dessert when you’re just in the mood for breakfast, these fascinating creations are worthy of a prize, too.

Dessert-filled croissants from Churned Creamery. Via

Add a little chocolate to the mix, and you get the perfect culinary creation – the reinvented croissant.

 Dessert-filled croissants. Via

Finally, a quick word on hot drinks to finish off the list of our favorite latest dessert trends. Liz from Sugar Geek Show fills these chocolate spheres with hot chocolate mix and marshmallows and releases them into steaming hot milk. The result is a hot chocolate that prepares itself and adds some drama to the process.

Hot chocolate bombs by Sugar Geek Show

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