Giant inflatable octopus tentacle

Scary times are upon us, and they are called Halloween. We are once again approaching one of the most fun-filled holidays of the year, so it’s time to take a break from your busy schedule and carefully consider how you are going to fill your restaurant, store or office with some good old Halloween spirit. If you are in need of inspiration, fear not! We’ve put together a list of fun Halloween decor ideas to help you get started.

Photo above: Giant inflatable octopus tentacle Halloweens decoration.

If you want to wow your customers even before they enter your business, cover your entrance in bats. Weatherproof and removable, these stickers create a realistic effect during windy days, when the bats flap their wings. Inside, they can cover a wall, follow the line of your stairs, or turn your ceiling into a horror scene. 

Flock of bats as a fun Halloween idea for a restaurant or store entrance.

Waterproof Wall Bats Dcor by The Moon Jet on Etsy

Embrace the true Halloween spirit and create an eerie and unforgettable ambiance in your establishment by extending a warm, yet chilling, welcome to your customers. Picture this: eerie, ghostly hands, each gripping a flickering candle, artfully adorning your walls. As your patrons enter, they’ll be transported into a realm of supernatural delight, where the line between the real and the supernatural blurs. These haunting candle-holders are not just decorations; they are gateways to an authentic Halloween experience that your customers won’t soon forget.

Creepy Hands on Wall with LED Candles, from Etsy.

A restaurant is a great place for candles and their intimate glow, and an even better one for Halloween-themed candle decor. These battery-operated candles are ready to use right out-of-the-box, and come in rich shades of orange, purple and green for an extra touch of Halloween color.

Halloween Candles by Okurimono on Etsy

If you want to keep your restaurant’s color palette restricted to more neutral shades, or if you don’t want to add any additional touches of color to an already colorful interior, these flickering candles are a subtle way to celebrate Halloween. Add them to your restaurant tables and bring a smile to your customers’ faces without disrupting your color scheme or cluttering your interior decor.

Flickering LED candles shaped as ghosts and used as fun tabletop Halloween decor

Spooky Ghosts with Flickering LED Candle by MCGadgets on Etsy

We already made public our love for neon signs, and we repeatedly talked about their place in commercial decor, including selfie walls. If you share the same passion, Halloween offers you the perfect opportunity to spruce up your place with some energy-saving, long-using illuminated signs.

"Boo" neon sign placed above a bar as Halloween decor.

Boo Spider Web Neon Sign by PrintArtShirt on Etsy

The great thing about neon signs is that they allow you to get creative and use any area of your commercial space (including your restroom or outdoor areas) to bring in some humor, surprise your customers or send a message. Imagine, for instance, all the places you could hide this charming cowboy ghost. 

Cowboy ghost placed against a green wall

Halloween Ghost Neon Sign by handcraftsign on Etsy

In an office where you need to keep seasonal decor subtle, non-intrussive and classy, adding a few of these spider-web decor pieces to the corners of your doors sends the message while preserving the professional look of your space. Even in the most formal environments, there’s room to embrace and enjoy fun Halloween decor ideas.

Spider web used as a Halloween decorative piece for the corner of a door

Creepy Spider Web Decor by Owl Stone on Etsy

You can also place these spiders in strategic places throughout your space, even though their realistic look may be a bit much for some. In the end, sending chills down someone’s spine is a worthy Halloween goal, and what the season is all about. If you prefer a milder approach, you can choose to have these spiders painted in other colors to tone down the spooky vibes.

Large wooden Halloween spider painted in black

Black Spider Halloween Decoration by Apologia Design on Etsy

If you’re a Halloween enthusiast and want to go all in with fun Halloween decor ideas, adding texture and patterns is easy with this black-lace decor. Designed as a mantle scarf, you can use it to frame your desks, windows, counter, wall decor or anything that needs some Halloween vibes. If you are organizing a party at your office, this piece can single-handedly give your dessert table a seasonal touch and be easily stored away until next year.

Black lace mantle scarf used as Halloween table decor

Black-lace Spider Web Mantle Scarf by AutumnLoverCo on Etsy

A store’s interior would benefit from this easy-to-hang, flowy  ghost piece, especially a vintage space or an area that needs decor to soften its hard surfaces. In an outdoor setting, the ghost gracefully sways in the wind. Use more of these pieces to create a Halloween configuration that doesn’t detract from your overall decor but helps infuse your space with seasonal spirit.

Vintage ghost made of cotton rope and used as hanging Halloween decor

White Cotton Rope Ghost Decoration by Embolden Life on Etsy

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