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Going Natural with Moss Walls in Commercial Interior Design

Photo via materials-inc.com

Despite the heavy presence of synthetic materials in our buildings and interiors, there is an undeniable need for nature in every human being. In interior design, it is easy to notice the calming effect of the occasional natural material or the fact than no interior seems complete without a plant or two. That is why decorative moss gets great reviews, while moss-laden walls in interior spaces are met with enthusiasm and awe. One of the products that make such interiors possible is the Hydra MOSSwall® system by Verde Profilo, ideal for creating spectacular vertical landscapes.

Photo: Hydra Basilico MOSSwall®, via materials-inc.com

Hydra MOSSwall is a 100% natural product that brings the living nature into your space but requires no maintenance. Handcrafted in Italy from sustainable lichens that underwent a stabilization process and an anti-static treatment, these moss tiles do not attract insects, are resistant to dust and do not require watering. They need, however, a 40% to 50% humidity level and a place away from the sun, but, once installed, they generally require no further effort.  

Photo via mosswall.com.au

While the color variations in the moss are natural, all shades are deep and vibrant, and have a huge visual impact when used in large-scale wallscapes. Even more, creative designers can make use of the more than 20 different colors available to create patterns and give their wall designs more character. They can also include them in vertical structures that serve as breathtaking room dividers. 

Photo via architecturendesign.com

The applications are only limited by the limits of imagination. Designers can use this product to build simple pieces of wall decor, to cover large walls or ceilings, or on a smaller scale, when in need for patterns and chromatic contrast.

Photo via architecturendesign.com

Beyond their natural appeal, moss walls have another advantage that other wall treatments lack – texture. In more formal environments (like offices) where tactile and visual deprivation is real, moss walls can completely change their vibe and give the eye the color it craves. The product also provides a 35% noise reduction, which makes it a good solution for most commercial spaces where relaxation or concentration are vital.

Photo via goodearthplants.com

Great for interiors such as lobbies, yoga studios, hotels, offices or restaurants, green moss walls create an immediate emotional response. Their color, very satisfying and relaxing to the human eye, has a deep connection with people as living creatures. Green is uplifting, suggesting abundance, life and freshness. In addition, their soft texture makes those around feel safe and sheltered.

Coming in an interlocking system of tiles, moss walls are suitable for both traditional and modern decors. While they unsurprisingly complement other natural materials, combining them with man-made materials gives them even more visual power by contrast. From rustic to industrial decors, they are an excellent solution for most interiors that need some extra pizzazz.  

Photo via architecturendesign.net

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