Gold accents have always been used in interior design to suggest luxury and sophistication. A bakery in Melbourne proves that such touches are not necessarily restricted to traditional designs. A frount counter entirely lined with laminate aluminum sheets in brushed light brass tones finds a natural home in an interior that mixes modern touches with raw wood and subway tile. 

Gold rounded counter in elegant bakery

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Dreamed up by the Melborne-based architecture and interior design firm Ewart Leaf, the Hamptons bakery is an airy and polished venue in an upscale suburb of Melbourne by Port Phillip Bay.  It is designed in a mainly neutral chromatic palette with a few touches of deep color, yet its power lies in the details. Well-lit and using white paint and while tile to its advantage, the bakery flaunts polished wooden tables, a dark metal structure that gives the ceiling some weight, and a window looking into the bakery.

The rounded bakery wall and front counter find a fitting counterpart in the circular barstools and modern pendant lights, while the softly curved soffits add even more depth to an already rich ceiling landscape. The look is eclectic and rich, yet it gives customers room to breathe and feel at ease.  

Modern bakery interior with gold accents and raw wood

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The focal point of the bakery is, however, the counter and display window. Lined with gold aluminum sheet, it is this element that defines the space and elevates its look. The reflective nature of the metal, together with the undercounter lights that emphasize the curve of the counter, enrich the look of the bakery and provide the unique touch it needs.

Gold laminate bar front in upscale bakery

The Hapmtons interior is an excellent example of balanced design, where each element finds its counterpart in another corner of the bakery. The black chairs echo the dark tones of the ceiling, and the hanging pots of lush greenery pair well with the subway tile.

The gold-rimmed pedestal tables continue the theme of the front counter and introduce a more sophisticated element into an otherwise simple seating area. Whether the gold accents come in such subtle shapes or demand total attention like the metal sheets that line the counter, they take this interior to another level .

Gold accents in mostly neutral bakery interior design

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Designer: Ewart Leaf

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