“Going green” is a catchy phrase as well as a continuous trend in most retail and business remodels. Here are a few pointers of what “going green” for commercial interior design means.  To put it simply: Renew, Reuse, and Recycle.  But most important is, going green will save any business money as well as improve health of people occupying the space.

Green Office Design

Parliament, a graphic design/marketing company in Portland, Oregon, redesigned their office interior. The interior design uses salvaged and reclaimed materials, including salvaged pizza ovens, street signs, and wood from old crates, a barn and a church.

Water Concerving Faucet

Now you can conserve your water in style with this slick faucet.

Did you know that the new California 2011 building code has already incorporated the performance standards that are found in the USGBC LEED certification program?  The LEED certification program is striving for water and energy conservation and reuse of old construction materials salvaged from other projects. Using non-formaldehyde adhesives and natural paints are other great ways to go green.

Recycled Glass Tile

This recycled glass tile is beautiful and can be used in any interior, commercial or residential to spice up the look.

Solar tubes to illuminate the sales areas and backroom spaces during daylight hours, motion sensors to control the lighting in the backroom, restrooms and offices, LED lighting for walk-in coolers’ doors, higher efficiently HVAC units, low water usage water closets and lavatories and highly reflective roofing material, these are just a few components I see business owners started applying.

Reclaimed Wood Beams Used on Project

These beautiful reclaimed beams were used by an architect on the residential project in La Jolla, CA.

When redesigning your retail store or your business, ask your designer to look around for an old salvaged counter top or even used floor finishes.  I always try to reuse what I can from my clients who are going through demolition process. I can use quite a few materials on my new projects and it’s free for the next owner!

Reclaimed Old Flooring Gets New Life

This flooring was taken from one of my client’s house and placed into an office conference room on another project.

Maybe your store is looking for a new fresh look and those old oak floors you have are not a good fit at this time.  But someone else is creating a warm and cozy cabin look and is in need of your oak flooring.  Getting creative in reusing old materials is a great trend you will observe more and more this year.

This bakery shop in Osaka, Japan, wanted a rustic feel and look.  The bread is being displayed on a reclaimed wooden railroad sleeper.  It definitely brings character to the space which could not be achieved otherwise.

One more little trick you could use to attract your customers is: educate them by placing signage about what you have done for your space to make it “green!”

Green Hotel Signage

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