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Halloween is approaching fast, so some preparations are in order. If your inner child has been yearning all year to come out, this is the perfect time to do it. And what better way to allow yourself to have some fun than setting up some Halloween decor?

Here are a few ideas that you can use to bring the playful spirit of Halloween into your home, to put your employees in a good mood at the office, or to give some scary vibes to your seasonal parties. 

Of course, a good starting point is the pumpkin. No fall or Halloween decor should pass on this detail, since nothing says fall season is here like the plump orange silhouette of a pumpkin. If you’d rather not get down and dirty with the real thing, you can keep it clean and simple with some pumpkin lights. Anything that lights up raises the festive level of your decor. Hang these pieces on walls, furniture or your mantel, place them strategically into glass bowls, or let them artfully hang down from a basket.

Bonus: Pumpkins with a face bring fall and Halloween decor together.

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If you are the bookish type and looking for more ways to bring books into your life, here is an elegant way to do it around this time of the year. Use these book pumpkins as a group centerpiece for your Halloween party or spread them around your house to bring the fall spirit into your life.

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Do not underestimate the power of a good first impression. Since your door is the first thing your guests see, use a Halloween wreath to make them know good times await inside. This beautiful “Boo” wreath, completed with the necessary seasonal spiders, mixes the traditional orange color with the elegance of black and white accents.

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The easiest way to solve the problem of seasonal decor is to frame some prints and spread them around your house. Make these antique book prints part of your stash, enjoy them when Halloween rolls in, and easily store them away when the scary season is gone.

These prints can also be used as a background for a Halloween party buffet or as part of a table centerpiece.

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In case you want to take the spookier decorating route, here are some ideas for you. First, Halloween is the perfect time to make use of the visual power of silhouette decor. Its beauty lies in the fact that some well-placed silhouette decorations combined with lights make for an eyecatching and dynamic setting. These witch and cauldron pieces, for instance, are made of pine tree and ready for your yard, home or office. You can hang them or prop them against a tree or a piece of furniture, depending on the visual effect you want to obtain.


When it comes to Halloween, “go big or go home” is a good approach. Instead of painfully decorating every inch of your yard, let your garage do the talking with this oversize Monster Face plywood decor. Need some Halloween action? All you need to do is open the garage door for the monster to threateningly close its mouth.

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Finally, if you are into the Halloween movie cliché of the bloody shower, these are the decals for you. These removable bloody handprints can entertain both your overnight guests and unsuspecting family members. For a Halloween party with a bloody hand theme (because why not?), bring them into your main area, stick them on your windows, doors or walls, or hide them behind a curtain and allow yourself a few innocent pranks. There isn’t any better time for that!

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