Multi-colored floor in yellow-centered apartment design

A quirky design project seems to prove that parquet flooring and bright colors are not mutually exclusive. When renovating the Basing Street Rooms building in London, the architecture firm Alma-nac chose vibrant colors and an unexpected way to incorporate them into each apartment design in order to give them  both character and individuality.

Colorful herringbone parquet in bright tones

The apartments were meant to be used by a record label as long-term guest suites. Inspired by the particular field of its client, Alma-nac chose record sleeves as the starting point in deciding on the color theme of each of the four apartments.

Yellow cabinets and colorful herringbone parquet in unique apartment design

Vivid colors are a fitting design choice for a client immersed in a creative field, but the designers took an even more daring path by giving the floor a chromatic boost. They installed a multicolored herringbone pattern that gives the floor a life of its own.

Black cabinets and red-and-pink herringbone parquet in atypical apartment design

Colorful and impossible to ignore, the floor becomes the focal point of the apartment design, while emphasizing the geometry of the classic herringbone pattern.

Red-and-pink herringbone parquet

The colors are reiterated in the design of the counters, furniture, wall treatments and lighting, or used as a contrasting background for the neutral elements of design. Strong colors are used in the design of the stairs for a cohesive result.

Red stairs and colorful parquet

Designer: Alma-nac
All photos: Jack Hobhouse via

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