Simple and modern tabletop decor idea for the holidays

We are well into the holidays season, so it’s time to spread the cheer and give your business space a few decorative touches. Seasonal decor is a great way to show that you’re going the extra length to make your customers happy, but it also puts you and your employees in a good mood. So we rounded up a few holiday decor ideas that you might like, and a few that made us smile and stole our hearts. 

Picture above: Wool and Wood Christmas Decorations by Raw Furnitureworks from Etsy

You should start announcing your holiday mood even before your customers enter your business. Window decals are an easy way to do it. They give you high visual impact with little effort. 

Simple and elegant Christmas tree store window decal

Christmas Tree Window Decals by Mini Wall Art from Etsy

Don’t skimp on the Christmas lights! They can add a romantic or nostalgic touch to your restaurant, attract the attention of the passers-by, and give your customers a reason to take and share pictures.

As you know, we have a weakness for neons signs as decor for coffee shops, dessert stores or store windows. They get your customers’ attention, offer them a great background for picture taking and elevate you to a happy Instagramable level. The winter holidays are the perfect opportunity for you to add one to your restaurant or store.

Neon sign in the shape of a Christmas ornament for a simple holiday decor idea

Christmas Decoration Window Sign by Neon Party from Etsy

Wall decor is the best way to make a statement without taking up any valuable physical space. If you want to step away from the traditional seasonal colors and dare to add your own chromatic touches, go with some colorful ornament decals.

Ornament wall decal as one of the quickest holiday decor idea for small spaces

Vintage Christmas Ornament Wall Decals by Wordy Bird Studios from Etsy

However, if you’re into snow and white Christmases, bring them into your shop with some snowflake garlands. You can create the magic appearance of a snowy day inside without the downsides of the cold and slippery outside.

Hanging snowflake garland in a charming shop

Christmas Hanging Snowflake Decorations by All Things Trendy Store from Etsy

In your office, where your employees take their job seriously, the funny touches and the breaks they bring are always appreciated. Thinking out of the box is the way to do it. Decking up your door corner? Why not? Apparently, this particular spot has some underestimated decorative potential. A Santa sign with an appropriate warning will keep your employees on the nice list.

Peeking Santa door sign used as a holiday decor idea for offices

Christmas Door Corner Sign by Fiesta Crafts Co. on Etsy

Tabletop decor is the easiest kind for office decorating – and even for giving your restaurant or shop a festive look. Easy to place, rearrange and store away, it is still impactful. A few well chosen pieces are all you need to make a point.

A good idea is to go with your existing theme, whether this means your interior design or the kind of business you’re running. Owning a bookstore or having a little library in a corner of your office or coffee shop? Instead of the typical seasonal decor, use books to bring it all together.

Snowman set made of books as an easy holiday decor for tables or shelves.

Book Snowman Christmas Decor by Root to Vine from Etsy

If you prefer a more modern and subtle decor to the traditional one, a few charming wood-and-wool figurines on your tables, counter or shelves can keep it simple.

Fun holiday figurines made of wood, wool and felt

Wool and Wood Christmas Decorations by Raw Furnitureworks from Etsy

Finally, if your office has a little kitchen, don’t forget that the least assuming holiday decor ideas and the smallest details in the most unexpected places are the most amusing. Spruce up your fridge with some handle covers and expect a smile every time your employees reach in for a treat.

Fridge handle covers shaped as snowmen, as office kitchen decor for the holidays

Snowman Kitchen Handle Cover by Felitsa Store on Etsy

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